Taurus Star Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating

Taurus needs a partner who will reinforce feelings of comfort and familiarity. Taurus also needs someone who’s willing to stand on principle and, hopefully, prevent Taurus from getting stuck in a rut. Taurus can become very bossy in a one-on-one relationship, so this “my way or the highway” approach would be best met by at least as much persistence and vigor. Taurus also needs a partner who encourages deeper analysis of people’s feelings and motivations.

Taurus can easily be caught in the material aspect of life, and unless someone is able to nudge Taurus into occasional encounters with emotion and spirituality, Taurus would be missing some very important aspects of life. Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, it’s especially important for this pleasure-seeking person to feel “good” about a relationship. In general, Taurus’ stability makes for a person who is easily domesticated and an ideal marriage partner, so long as the Taurus person can be drawn away from a self-centered existence that consists mainly of keeping things just the way they are.


This relationship could turn into a rather explosive power struggle if the partners don’t take a long time to understand one another’s needs. Aries will get very frustrated by the amount of time it takes Taurus to make a decision; Taurus will feel rushed by Aries’ need to stay in perpetual motion (especially when it’s much safer to stand still). To make this work, Aries needs to understand that Taurus will accept change – but only slowly, and only when Taurus sees a direct benefit in it. Taurus has to realize that Aries needs variety and lots of excitement to stay interested in the relationship. While Taurus responds to gifts like flowers, candy and back rubs, Aries likes to feel needed – especially in the physical sense. Taurus loves Aries’ creative approach to bedroom gymnastics, but to keep things even, Taurus will have to do a few cartwheels, too – preferably at the most surprising moments- to keep Aries’ attention.


A relationship between two Taurus people can be very satisfying as long as they both are happy to stay in one place. It’s very unlikely that either of these two will want to venture far from familiar territory, whether that means their little neighborhood or the safety zone they build up around their emotions. This couple would fight over sharing, both in terms of money and domestic chores. Taurus is not the first one to jump into doing jobs around the house, so a lot of things could be left undone, or at least until one of them could no longer stand it. Although Taurus people are practical, they’re also very attuned to their senses, and they like to relax. This couple could enjoy a highly sensual experience in bed, but they’ll enjoy their sex life more if they actively seek out ways of injecting variety into their routine. When one partner notices the other going that extra mile, the feeling of being loved that is so important to the Taurus will help the affection to last a lifetime.


This couple could have some difficulty, mainly due to the way that Gemini will perceive Taurus as being too domineering and Taurus will see Gemini as being too flighty. Taurus has fixed ways of carrying out life’s little routines, and is more than eager to impose order on someone who seems to be a lot more scattered. Gemini needs a lot of freedom, so that there must be room for outside friendships within the relationship. Taurus could become upset about Gemini not “being there” at important times, while Gemini will feel confined by Taurus’ attempts to dictate what the two will do as a couple. If each of them can find ways to understand one another’s basic needs, this relationship can be successful. Taurus can steady Gemini while Gemini can encourage Taurus to try new things. The exchange of sympathy will be the key to this couple’s sex life, too. Taurus will have to listen to Gemini talk about what will be a turn-on, while Gemini will have to accept Taurus’ needs to be introduced to new and exciting ways of reaching new heights of sexual satisfaction.


This combination is a very favorable one. Taurus is extremely easy to domesticate, and Cancer’s goal in life is to find a partner that can provide a secure and reliable home base. Taurus likes to have someone to cater to every need and impulse, and Cancer’s happiness can be derived from pleasing a partner through tender loving care. If there are many quarrels, they might stem from Taurus’ impatience with Cancer’s overly emotional reactions or Taurus’ lack of concern for Cancer’s feelings. Both partners will have to strive to recognize that they have found things in one another that they each need to counterbalance their own personality traits. If Taurus is allowed to provide Cancer with security, and Cancer is allowed to help Taurus access and experience emotions on a deeper level, this match can last a long time. Sexually, Taurus will try to help Cancer derive pleasure from physical contact, while Cancer will encourage Taurus to experience the sexual union on an emotional level.


These two contrasting personalities can actually build a very satisfying relationship. Taurus’ practical approach can ground Leo’s tendency to dramatize the most mundane events. Taurus will also get vicarious pleasure out of Leo’s antics, and Leo will be grateful to have Taurus to depend on. This couple is likely to fight over money and what it is to be spent on. The Taurus person will always want to have some resources to hold on to in the event of a rainy day. The Leo will have a more flamboyant approach, and is likely to see Taurus as being miserly. Both are extremely fixed, so the power struggle between the two is likely to be intense. This pair will tend to see things the same way, and they will be slow to take action as a couple. Fortunately for Taurus, Leo will have the energy needed to make a move long before it’s occurred to Taurus that one day it will be too late. In bed, Leo will delight in Taurus’ ability to appeal to the senses, while Taurus will be enlivened by Leo’s fiery approach to the mating ritual.


This is an excellent combination that can last a lifetime if the two partners are considerate of one another’s feelings. The earthy energy of these two signs connects well, so they work together effectively on practical matters. In terms of love, they both have the tendency to allow the initial passion mellow out and turn into a relationship that features the kind of affection one has for a friend. This will help them to avert fights, since they will not be so guarded about their emotional sides that they are unable to express and accept one another’s needs. However, when it comes to sex, this couple’s flame can quickly be dampened by complacency on both partners’ parts. Taurus, although sensual, could stand to develop more creativity in bed, while Virgo needs a lot of stimulation to keep the desire to have sex alive. A playful attitude about their sex life will help these two sustain their relationship over the long haul.


At first glance, it would seem like these two would make an ideal couple, and they do in fact have many things in common. Both Taurus and Libra appreciate the finer things in life, and they are able to sustain a relationship based upon the things that they both enjoy. But there are some differences, too. Taurus is more preoccupied with possessions than Libra is, and Libra is more focused on physical appearance that Taurus is. This can lead to conflicts over money, as Taurus is very protective and Libra can be quite extravagant. Libra might also be disappointed by Taurus’ tendency toward self-interest. Libra needs to have someone around all the time, and there will be moments when Taurus wants to be left alone to enjoy a sensual experience in solitude. In bed, this relationship can be very exciting, especially if Taurus remembers to lavish compliments on Libra. In return, Libra should be prepared to give Taurus a lot of physical attention. Back rubs, slow, sensuous foreplay and a sexually suggestive ambiance are all effective tools Libra can use to keep Taurus coming back for more.


In this match-up, both Taurus and Scorpio meet their perfect match. Because they are opposite signs, these two compliment one another quite well. Taurus has the practical means to provide a secure material home base, and Scorpio can help Taurus handle some of the less obvious interpersonal situations that could potentially threaten it. Both signs are extremely protective, and both will wait a long while before making any major changes. However, when engaged in a lover’s quarrel, these two can easily stand up to one another where most of the other signs would retreat out of fear or explode in anger. Because both of these signs are so set in their ways, they are likely to stay in one residence and move infrequently, if ever, during the course of their relationship. Sexually, Scorpio helps Taurus to explore new territory when it comes to the true expression of intimacy, while Taurus gives Scorpio a run for the money in terms of sexual appetite and endurance.


This couple could have some interesting times together. They would get along quite well as friends, but they might have some trouble seeing eye to eye when it comes to the demands of long-term partnership. The potential for trouble stems from the fact that Taurus is intent on staying on one place and Sagittarius has difficulty staying in one place for long. There must be enough give-and take between the two for them to be able to get their individual needs satisfied. If this couple can work hard enough to stay together, they will find that their differences will enrich each of them. Taurus will get up and go more places and learn new things, and Sagittarius will be able to establish a sense of security that brings new meaning to the words “coming home”. Sexually, Taurus will enjoy the wild ride Sagittarius gives so freely, while Sagittarius will be intrigued by Taurus’ ability to know what feels good and do something about it.


This is a harmonious union, as each of these signs is rooted in the idea of attaining material security and supplying it to others. Taurus will see Capricorn’s success as a way of supplementing Taurus’ own ability to acquire material goods, while Capricorn will see Taurus as a safe and reliable partner. The fights between these two will be few, but when they erupt, it will be Taurus that will have to give in to Capricorn’s demands more often. Although it will be difficult, Taurus will have to admit that Capricorn is even more practical, and therefore, probably right. Sexually, this can be an extremely creative couple. Although neither Taurus nor Capricorn seems to be overly sexy on the surface, once they get behind closed doors, that earthy energy can really connect and create some explosive passion.


This pair can be very compatible, even though it might take each of them some time before they realize it. Taurus starts off the relationship appealing to Aquarius’ desire to enlighten Taurus with a more global view. Aquarius, meanwhile, is intrigued by Taurus’ ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, as well as Taurus’ impulse to share resources and affection. The couple may fight when Aquarius’ desire to take care of the larger community conflicts with Taurus’ need to protect the couple’s own possessions and resources. As long as Aquarius can find other sources of funding for projects that benefit the community, Taurus will support these projects with modest material contributions and large shows of emotional support. In bed, these two have much to learn from one another. Taurus will make Aquarius experience sex more on the level of feelings, while Aquarius will provoke Taurus into thinking more about how the couple can please one another in bed.


This is a good match because Taurus is a good and stable provider, while Pisces is in need of such a source of stability. Taurus may initially be attracted to Pisces because of this need. However, Pisces has some very valuable things to offer a Taurus partner. Pisces’ ability to visualize things as they should be (as opposed to the way they are) will help Taurus to be more creative. And it goes without saying that Pisces’ love of the arts will give Taurus a stronger appreciation for things that can be admired as well as experienced. In bed, this can be a very pleasant combination. Taurus’ sensuality can combine with Pisces deep emotions to create the kind of lovemaking where the partners lose themselves in one another. As long as Taurus doesn’t become overbearing, this relationship can be a beautiful experience for both partners.

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