How To Flirt At A Concert? 6 Tips to Help You On Your Way

How to flirt at a concert very much depends on the size of the venue and the opportunities that arise.

When you’re queuing to get into the concert, waiting in line at the drinks kiosk or hanging around waiting for your friend to show, it is easy to strike up a conversation with anyone who catches your eye. Everyone at the venue has a common interest and this provides plenty of conversation starter opportunities.

The Easy Introduction

If you find someone you like the look of smile warmly and say ‘hi’. Whether or not they engage in conversation quickly will depend on if they are alone or with friends. Striking up a conversation with someone who is waiting for a friend, just like you, gives you both an opportunity to get to know each other on the same level.

Use eye contact to build rapport and establish a connection. Introduce yourself briefly and talk about the band, songs or whatever seems naturally appropriate. He/she will go with the flow and will mirror back your friendly and approachable flirting style.

Seating Plan

Find out where he/she is seated in the arena/concert hall. If the concert is in a smaller venue you could say that you’ll be in the bar at the interval, and extend an open invitation. Don’t be too disappointed if they don’t show as getting refreshments at interval time can sometimes require too much effort. Your invitation is a friendly gesture nonetheless.

If you find that you are seated next to, or close to, someone you’d like to get to know take advantage of the waiting time before the concert starts. Engage in casual conversation by asking a question relating to the band in some way. If he/she is wearing band merchandiser compliment them on their choice of fashion statement.

In a concert environment everyone is there to have a good time, so you’ll easily strike up a conversation with little effort required. When the concert ends bear in mind that you’ll be leaving the arena at the same time as the person you have an interest in, who is seated close to you. This will give you additional time to chat about the band and other things.

Consider The Space

Not all concerts take place in comfortable and spacious surroundings like a major concert venue, open air arena or large conference/entertainment centre. Some concerts, or gigs, are a lot more intimate and how to flirt at a concert of this size takes a little more preparation. If you’re standing in a small crowded space with the stage in close proximity don’t expect to make much headway with conversation or flirting. Save the introductions for the bar at the interval, or as you leave the venue.

How to flirt at a concert in a small space will require some ingenuity. The best you can hope for in a crowded environment is some eye contact and subtle physical contact, as you accidentally brush against the person you’re interested in getting to know.

After Hours

At the end of the concert you have time to take your flirting to the next level. If neither of you has to rush off you can go to get a bite to eat together. Many late-night venues have food trucks and kiosks lined up outside, ready to feed the hungry revellers. Casually saying you’re hungry may prompt an invitation to go and get some hot greasy food together.

Other Considerations

Getting home from the concert also presents some flirting opportunity. If you happen to be travelling in the same direction via public transport you can extend your conversation. Use eye contact when talking to build a connection. Ask open questions to illicit more information than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply.

No matter how much you like the look of the person you’re interested in, don’t be tempted to accept a lift home if you are on your own. This is someone you do not know so it’s important to stay safe. If you’ve attended the concert with friends and the ride home invitation includes them, accepting the lift is perfectly acceptable.

Keep It Casual

When you have his/her attention all to yourself use a soft touch on the arm, as you talk, to gauge their physical response to your flirting. A gentle touch may increase the intensity of eye contact, which is always a good thing. You could mention that you’re likely to be going to see the band next time they play, or another band you both have interest in. This will create an opportunity for him/him to suggest that you go together.

Because flirting at a concert is a casual way of getting to know someone it is perfectly ok to casually ask if they’d like to meet up with you sometime. The invitation shouldn’t sound like a date. Keep it casual and accept whatever response you get.

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