Asking A Girl Out For A Drink

Dating, for many young adults, has been replaced with ‘hanging out’. This more relaxed approach to getting to know someone you like means that asking a girl out for a drink is no longer an experience that is fraught with confusion, pressure, tension and anxiety. These days, asking a girl out for a drink is a casual and comfortable affair that any guy can easily master.

Dating Vs Hanging Out

For many people the word ‘dating’ seems old-fashioned and implies serious commitment in the search for love and romance. ‘Hanging out’ on the other hand is more appealing because it usually involves people getting together and going with the flow. Whether you are hanging out with one person or a group of friends the atmosphere and connection is more relaxed.

Although hanging out may have many advantages it isn’t a replacement for dating. When you are asking a girl out for a drink it is important that you consider whether you are asking her out on date or if you simply want to hang out with her. To avoid unnecessary confusion always make sure that she knows the option you have chosen.

How To Issue An Invitation

Asking a girl out for a drink should to be flirty and fun. Having a positive and confident mind-set means you are more likely to achieve a successful result. If you approach a girl with trepidation she is likely to decline your invitation. If you choose to you view the experience as an opportunity to test out your flirting techniques and skills there is a greater probability that she’ll accept.

Keeping your cool, when asking a girl out for a drink, is liberating and effective. It also ensures that you’re happy with the outcome regardless of whether she accepts or declines your invitation.

Asking A Girl Out For A Coffee

A friendly, fun and flirty approach is all a guy really needs to feel confident enough to approach any girl. Asking a girl out for a drink is only as difficult and challenging as you make it.

• Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Girls love compliments. Whether you already know the girl, or she is a beautiful stranger you’d like to get to know, flattering her with a compliment is a great way to open up a dialogue. Tell her she looks like someone who is interesting to talk to and that you would love to get to know her over a coffee. She already knows you’re going to focus your attention on her, so she is more likely to accept your invitation if you back-up your compliment with a genuine smile and eye contact.

• Offer Some Options

Give her some options to ensure that you make firm arrangements to hang out. Keep it cool and casual and say something like: “How about we go out for a lunchtime coffee at the (insert a suitable venue), or anywhere you like?” It’s helpful if you have a few coffee shops/bars in mind just in case she can’t think of anywhere she would like to go.

• Say You’re Buying

Let her knows this is your treat. Most girls appreciate a guy who is comfortable playing a chivalrous role, because this shows that you know how to treat a lady. This doesn’t mean that you can’t cheekily say: “The next time is on you!” when you’re out on your coffee ‘date’.

Asking A Girl Out For A Drink (alcohol)

A girl genuinely appreciates it when a guy asks her out for a drink. Girls like guys who take the initiative and are confident enough to make an approach. Man up and step up to the challenge. Remember though, that not everyone drinks alcohol.

• Avoid Using The Word ‘Date’

When you are asking a girl out for a drink it is best to avoid using the word ‘date’. Going out for a drink is casual and fun and not pressured like a date. Keeping your request and suggestion light also means she doesn’t have to get into a panic over what she’s going to wear.

• Keep It Simple

To keep things informal ask her out for lunch or coffee first so that you can feel comfortable with each other. Introduce the evening drinks invitation if you want an opportunity to make things a little more romantic. Say something like: “I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you, but it’s just not enough. Are you free to come out for a drink with me tonight?”

• Play Pretend

To keep it relaxed and casual say something like: “Hey, I’m heading over to (insert the bar of your choice) for a drink tonight. Want to come along?” Having plans already in place means she will feel less pressured in making a decision. She’ll assume she is tagging along, rather than going out for a drink with someone she doesn’t know well yet.

• Be Prepared For Rejection

Not every girl you ask out for a drink is going to say yes. Being prepared for rejection means that it’s no big deal if she says no. If she does say ‘yes’ it’s a bonus!

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