How To Date A Muslim Man

Middle Eastern men are tall with distinctive good looks that appeal to many Western women. If you want to know how to date a Muslim man it is important that you begin by understanding the cultural restrictions you may experience. Dating, and getting to know, a devout Muslim man requires commitment and a shared goal of marriage.

Muslim Dating

Middle Eastern culture has many strict restrictions, and this includes dating. There is some debate as to whether Muslims are actually allowed to date. Casual connections and premarital sex, within in the Muslim religion, is strictly forbidden. Marriages are traditionally arranged which means there is little opportunity for dating in the true Western sense.

In immigrant Muslim communities dating is accepted as a way of getting to know another person. Muslim men and women no longer have to rely on the services of a traditional matchmaker to find love. Modern Muslims use many different ways to connect with like-minded people who are looking for love and dating opportunities. Dating sites, speed dating events and other social occasions make dating a Muslim man much easier to do.

Cultural Expectations

An understanding of how to date a Muslim man is essential if you want to meet a potential love match. Muslims are expected to date with the sole purpose of meeting a marriage match, and often the family will get involved in the introduction process.

Traditional cultural rules apply when you are dating a Muslim man. The arranged date must occur in a public place, preferably with a chaperone in attendance. All physical contact is strictly forbidden, as too is flirting.

Dating Outside The Faith

Dating is far more relaxed for Muslim men than it is for Muslim women. When a Muslim man dates outside of his faith it is expected that the woman he views as a love match will convert to Islam in order to continue the relationship. Islamic culture views conversion highly and the Muslim man believes he will be rewarded in this life, and the next, if his bride to be accepts the faith.

Muslim women are expected to have extremely high standards of modesty and therefore have far more restrictions when it comes to dating outside the faith.

Dating Advice For Non-Muslim Women

The rules of Islam and the rules of culture and Muslim tradition are very different. How to date a Muslim man very much depends on his own upbringing and family influence. His family many not permit certain things that Islam accepts, and therefore it is important to acknowledge that his family may not be accepting of his choice of dating outside the faith.

Family traditions are often hard to let go so it is important that you do not underestimate the power of the Muslim man’s culture, tradition and family. If a Muslim man you are dating mentions you to his family he is serious about the relationship. If you have been dating for quite a few months and there is no mention or progression be prepared to walk away from the relationship. There is a good chance that he is simply spending time with you until the right Muslim girl comes his way.

To make a positive impression, when you date a Muslim man, be respectful at all times. Muslim men have four main considerations when dating outside of faith. They look for a woman who has a similar socio-economic background, status, beauty and piety. A modern woman who has drive, confidence and determination, as well as a pleasing disposition, makes the ideal date choice for the Westernised Muslim man.

Embrace The Muslim Culture

How to date a Muslim man who has strong religious beliefs means embracing the Muslim culture and becoming familiar with customs that you may find restrictive. Unless you are prepared to embrace the Muslim culture it is unlikely that your dating will ever progress into a committed relationship.

When you’re getting to know a Muslim man you like you’ll naturally want to know what he likes and dislikes. A devout Muslim is not likely to flirt with you so you may have to find other ways to establish rapport and a connection. If you are already familiar with his faith and culture you can get to know him on an intellectual level. A Muslim man is more likely to be interested in you if you are interested in his religion and open to converting to Islam.

When you are out on date with a Muslim man don’t expect to drink a glass of wine with your meal. Drinking alcohol and smoking are forbidden and considered a turn off if they are your habits. Exploration of your spiritual path will be viewed highly favourably so share your beliefs and faith with your Muslim date if you want to create a positive first impression.

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