How To Use Reverse Psychology On Men

When you know how to use reverse psychology on men you have an advantage that dramatically improves your chances of achieving your desired outcome.

If you are single and dating you are likely to come into contact with a wide variety of men who use various dating techniques to establish a connection. If it has been a while since you dated you may feel anxious and overwhelmed by the thought of having to consider dating etiquette and rules, in order to meet a potential special someone. Applying some smart reverse psychology will work in your favour and will also ensure that you beat off any competition.

Getting the man you are interested in interested in you requires you to think and act like a man!

Limited Availability

Most women will meet men who they like but who do not seem as interested in them. This usually happens because the woman appears too keen, which automatically makes the man lose interest in establishing a connection. Men are typically genetically programmed to pursue, so if a woman makes the chase too easy for him he simply loses interest.

To maintain, and grow, a man’s interest a woman needs to demonstrate that she has a well balanced life without him. The fact that she is busy doing her own thing will pique the man’s curiosity and will make him more interested in getting to know what she’s all about. Being unavailable makes a man work harder at getting a woman’s attention. Competing for your attention with other men and interests makes the man keener because he will only chase when he feels the prize is worth the effort.

Stay Reserved

As you’re building rapport and getting to know each other it is important to continue using reverse psychology on a man. Remembering that he enjoys the chase, play along by making sure that you don’t make things too easy for him. Be friendly and stay a little reserved. To get the man you are interested in a woman needs to be confident and detached from any outcome. This slightly elusive air of mystery is something that all men are naturally drawn to.

Staying reversed doesn’t mean that he does all of the work. When you’re chatting or texting keep things light, friendly and fun and flirt without going overboard. Your aim is to always leave him wanting more of your time or company. Keep phone calls short and make him work for your attention. A man will value the woman who values herself and her time, because this is exactly how he views his own life.

Express An Interest

Letting a man know that there are other admirers vying for your attention and affection is a good thing. A man likes confirmation that he has spotted the prize that appeals to other admirers and will work harder to make sure he is the ultimate winner.

When you use reverse psychology on men, to show how valuable you are as a potential mate/partner/wife, it is important that you express this interest correctly. Never boast that every man you come into contact with wants to date you or that you have a long list of casual dates lined up. Simply let the man you’re interested in getting to know that there are one or two men around you who appreciate you and value your company. This will make him step up to claim his place at the front of the line.

Set A Challenge

As two people get to know each other they will usually set each other little challenges to test reactions and to learn more about the dynamics within the connection. It is common for some people to do the complete opposite of what is requested. These people are usually confident, assertive and sometimes a little stubborn, and they thrive on a challenge.

How to use reverse psychology on men when setting a challenge requires some understanding of what makes the particular man take action. Most men will rise to a challenge if it is set in a playful manner, instead of a command, and he can clearly see the benefits or prize at the end of the task. Set a challenge so that you get what you want done first and he gets his reward at the end.

Achieve Your Desired Outcome

For most women using reverse psychology on men, when dating, simply means doing the opposite of what they have previously done in the past when dating other men. To achieve the desired outcome of dating, or building a relationship with, the man you are interested in a woman must put herself in his shoes so that she fully understands what drives a man to think and act like he does.

It is also important for a woman to maintain her feminine appeal. After all using reverse psychology, when dating, is simply about redefining behaviourial roles and allowing the man to be the man.

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