Are Women Solar Powered?

The sunshine and warm weather has arrived which heralds Spring/Summer here in the West and suddenly the local high street or shopping mall turns into a high-fashion catwalk for super-vixens. Throughout the dark months the only thing on view was tumbleweed or snow. For years now I have wondered whether women are in fact solar-powered. In the dark days of deepest winter as a man you will be hard-pressed to spot a super-babe unless you are living with one already. Streets are full of black-coated shadows with hats and scarves and you wonder where all the girls have gone.

Suddenly, the first warm day of the year arrives and you realize that your healthy fully-paid for beer belly is a shocking reminder of the last 6 months (lifetime ? Ed.) of indulgence and you need to sort yourself out. XXXL baggy T-shirts may see you through the next few months but with sudden appearance of that orange thing in the sky, your local public areas become a temple to female beauty. The question is, where do they all come from? For half the year, these goddesses are no where to be found. It is always possible they have been wintering in Antigua or Ibiza but for sure they don’t work in your office or that of any other male buddy.

Quickly you come to the conclusion that either these girls are shipped in for the summer to drive you crazy, or that they must be a figment of your imagination. Its a perennial mystery. For a guy, getting ready for summer is a laborious task with the gradual coloring of the skin and a lazy shift to shorts and T-shirts. Women however appear to turn into sun-worshiping supermodels at the drop of a hat.

I remember working in one city where the first sunny day was always greeted by the male team in the office heading for the best area of the city for lunch just to watch the girls go by. For months we had been starved of anything to look at at all, and within hours of a good weather report we see perfect women appear in all-over tans, strappy tops, perfect hair and this years’ designer shades. They exude confidence, look spectacular, there is no gym work to be done, and they could eat you for breakfast.

The answer is of course that these beauties simply must be powered by the sun. During the dark season they hibernate or lock themselves away simply to appear like butterflies when you are most off your guard. Whereas as you have braved the wind, rain and snow to watch every winter sporting contest on offer, becoming more pasty-skinned than snow covered peaks, these perfect specimens of woman kind have been plotting and planning.

You see whilst most men like to react to situations, women are far more thoughtful and prepared. They plan their wardrobes by the season and know what they will be wearing for the summer before you have even ordered the Thanksgiving turkey. Women are indeed proactive, hence your dilemma. These girls have been there all along, working hard in the gym through the long dark days, working on a pre-summer tan and caring about their appearance. If they haven’t then they are still far more equipped for seasonal changes than men ever will be.

It is certainly true that women feel cold more than men. Guys, you know how when you are too hot because your ex-girlfriend used to attach herself whilst asleep to your body like a limpet so that whilst she snoozed, your combined body-temperature was the same as the surface of the sun? You remember allowing one leg to reach out from the sheets to act as a cooling aid for the rest of your quickly-melting body? Well exactly. Girls generally don’t like cold weather so I am assuming they hibernate.

There is something amazing about dating in the warm sunshine. Everyone feels more sociable, possibly more attractive and certainly more healthy. We go outdoors more, we socialize more, we care about how we look more. With lighter nights we stay out later and travel more and because of all these things we meet more people and consequently encounter more attractive girls per square foot. So take advantage of the season.

Whilst the Fall is romantic and love in the snow is glorious, it is in the summertime that we flower best. Therefore guys perhaps this year or next, if you are dating you could anticipate summer just a little earlier than usual and think about how you are going to look when those warm nights finally arrive. Be proactive like the girls we ogle.Wouldn’t it be good if a woman writer could write an article on why all the attractive guys always appear in the summer.

But for now I stick with my original point. I firmly do believe girls may be solar-powered. Just don’t let them know the secret is out.

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