Libra Star Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating

No one is more romantic and inclined toward the one-to-one relationship than Libra. Libra literally uses the relationship as a mirror, as having another person around to reflect things off reinforces Libra’s feeling of being alive. The one problem Libra has is accepting that not all romances turn out the way they would like. Sometimes this happens because Libra doesn’t put enough work into the relationship, but most of the time it occurs because Libra expects a lot more from a partner than most people are willing to give.

Libra needs a strong personality in a partner; someone who keeps enforcing boundaries and showing Libra that there’s a lot to be gained by using one’s initiative. Mental stimulation is very important to Libra too. A relationship partner must be able to relate to Libra’s refined mind, and also be prepared to help Libra make decisions. In return, Libra’s partner will receive the kind of love most of us only dream about, as well as a best friend for life.


This is the ultimate “Mars loves Venus” relationship. Aries needs Libra to supply a calming and soothing effect, while Libra needs Aries to put some raw energy into the idea of romance. These two opposing signs make the perfect long-term match because they complement one another so well. They bring out the best in each other while also giving one another character traits that round out their personalities. Also, when it comes to the little decisions that need to be made over the course of a lifetime, Aries and Libra see things the same way. They both like a lot of variety and they both thrive on making changes. In bed together, this couple can create electric energy. To keep the hearts and flowers flowing, Aries needs to remember that Libra needs words of praise, while Libra must show affection for Aries through sexual passion.


At first glance, it would seem like these two would make an ideal couple, and they do in fact have many things in common. Both Taurus and Libra appreciate the finer things in life, and they are able to sustain a relationship based upon the things that they both enjoy. But there are some differences, too. Taurus is more preoccupied with possessions than Libra is, and Libra is more focused on physical appearance that Taurus is.

This can lead to conflicts over money, as Taurus is very protective and Libra can be quite extravagant. Libra might also be disappointed by Taurus’ tendency toward self-interest. Libra needs to have someone around all the time, and there will be moments when Taurus wants to be left alone to enjoy a sensual experience in solitude. In bed, this relationship can be very exciting, especially if Taurus remembers to lavish compliments on Libra. In return, Libra should be prepared to give Taurus a lot of physical attention. Back rubs, slow, sensuous foreplay and a sexually suggestive ambiance are all effective tools Libra can use to keep Taurus coming back for more.


This match is based on a deep friendship, and will work if each can give the other the kind of recognition they need. Gemini needs to know that Libra acknowledges Gemini’s intelligence and creativity. Libra wants Gemini to praise Libra’s artistic abilities, including the ability to negotiate. Problems could arise when Libra depends upon Gemini to be a constant companion, because it’s nearly impossible for Gemini to sustain that kind of focused attention on anyone. Libra will need to develop outside activities that not only provide companionship, but also give them something to tell Gemini when they get together. Gemini will have to be very sensitive to Libra’s need for togetherness, and be sure to show gratitude for all Libra does to add to Gemini’s life. Sexually, these two could talk a lot about what they want in bed, but the truth is that plenty of cuddling and listening to one another’s concerns will prove to provide the most satisfaction.


This can be an excellent relationship. Both of these people are strident self-starters and they have a strong commitment to their relationship. Cancer will thrive on being Libra’s constant companion, and Libra will enjoy being pampered and flattered by Cancer’s brand of unconditional love. The two signs differ when it comes to their emphasis on physical appearance, though. Cancer is will never be singled out for making trend-setting fashion statements. To Libra, these things are much more important, so there could be disagreements as to how much money should be spent on fashion, cosmetics and beauty treatments. One solution might be separate checking accounts, or at least a full accounting for extravagances (including Cancer’s restaurant money!) Sexually, these two have deeply romantic ideals, and are sure to apply their creativity in the bedroom!


Loud choruses of “look at me” might drown out the sweetly spoken declarations of “I love you” in this relationship, but this couple can grow closer as time goes on. Leo has a flashy way of self-presentation, while Libra exudes natural beauty. Both are very concerned about personal appearance, and both are charming and pleasant. On the whole, this duo will harmonize well, as long as they respect one another’s strengths and give each other compliments and support. Fights could break out when Leo wants to be alone, and also when Libra just wants to bicker back and forth – just for the “fun” of it. In bed, these two will find that they can be equally romantic- and dramatic. They could develop elaborate ways of playing together that bring their sexual experience to new levels of pleasure.


Virgo and Libra have a lot to offer one another, but it might take some time for them to discover that. Libra’s tendency to weigh every possible alternative each time a decision needs to be made could very quickly drive Virgo mad, and Virgo’s dismissive way to telling Libra what must be done will cause hurt feelings. Once they find that both of them possess traits that they can use to contribute to their partners’ well-being, the relationship will go quite well. One thing these two signs have in common is the ability to detach from their emotions. That means any fights that come up can be settled based on rational ideas, and that makes them easy to resolve. Sexually, this isn’t the most passionate relationship, but these two signs are capable of getting a lot of pleasure from one another.


The mating of two Libra people can get very complicated, but if they can be truly honest about their feelings, these two can work out a reasonably peaceful relationship. Libra people can be a contradiction, since they have such a reputation for wanting to avoid conflict, yet they’ll often start arguments just for the sake of hearing the other side of an issue. This could be a problem in this relationship. However, if the two can join together based upon other things they have in common – like a fine eye and appreciation for art and music- they can have a very happy union. Their sex union is based upon romantic expectations, and this couple is capable of dreaming up many imaginative ways to demonstrate their love.


This couple combines Venus’s romanticism and Mars energy, and the result is an exciting but volatile mixture. Libra is looking for excitement and romance, while Scorpio is wants to “own” as well as be owned by a partner. As long as both people can get what they want without feeling violated or dominated by the other partner, this match could work out well. However, it won’t be easy for this couple to transform the mystery and passion of dating and romance into something more serious. If they are going to achieve the desired state of being equal partners, Libra will need to develop trust and Scorpio must become more detached. If they can accomplish this, they will enjoy their unique brand of sexual alchemy for a very long time.


These two will be attracted to one another because they both have a tremendous intellectual curiosity. Libra thinks through everything – including emotion, and Sagittarius is in constant motion, trying to learn more about everything there is to know. Endless conversation will be the keystone of this union. When there are fights, they might stem from the different ways they approach romance. Libra is the ultimate romantic, while Sagittarius never takes relationships too seriously. Both will find that maintaining their love is no joke, so they’ll need to pay attention to what they need to give to the relationship. In terms of sex, these two could get off more on their conversations than on physical contact, but it’s certain that their bodily union will be a consummation of a supreme meeting of the minds.


Libra and Capricorn might not be the most romantic couple in the world, but they can build a very solid relationship. They just might take a little time to “find” one another at first. They may not realize it when they first meet, but they have a lot in common and could make a long-term relationship last a long time. Their affinity is based on the fact that they both like to get things done right away. Also, Libra can be very romantic, charming Capricorn into succumbing to an emotional life that might otherwise be ignored or denied. Sexually, Capricorn will stun Libra with a show of sensuous romance that Libra sits around dreaming about. In turn, Libra will shower Capricorn with love and affection that will deeply touch the heart of the smitten goat.


This match is an idealized friendship, and the couple will always be close to one another on many levels. Libra will have to struggle hard to get Aquarius to pay attention to the things that Libra needs in order to sustain a highly romantic relationship. Aquarius will have to give up some of the time normally spent with larger groups of people so that the couple can spend more time alone together. These two might fight over this, but their feelings have to be hashed out and respected if the relationship is going to last. Sexually, Libra and Aquarius have to work a little harder than most couples. Sometimes they feel so familiar to one another, they forget that they’re supposed to demonstrate their passion in a bedroom setting!


This combination can work well, especially if both the people have reached maturity. Libra’s desire for fantasy romance can easily be satisfied by Pisces, who wants to experience love and sharing on a soul level. Sometimes Libra might seem cold and uncaring to Pisces, while Pisces will seem hypersensitive and flighty to Libra. There could be fights over whose feelings get hurt more easily, but when the spat is over, the making up (especially the part that takes place in the bedroom) is legendary. This is the kind of couple that sits around staring in each others eyes for hours – even many years after their first date.


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