Leo Star Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating

Leo’s strong personality can intimidate potential love partners, but once the surface bravado is penetrated, anyone can see that this is one of the zodiac’s most soft-hearted characters. Leo can be showy and self-centered, but Leo can also be extremely warm and generous. Leos have so much energy that it can’t help but emanate outwardly to the people they want to share their lives with. This makes Leo a very desirable partner.

What Leo needs is a person who can tolerate the shows of ego and see through them for what they are: an attempt to let the world know that Leo’s love is available – all a person needs to do to get it is just say “thank you!’. There are lots of ways of doing that, but among Leo’s favorites are lavish praise, ego-boosting compliments and long, adoring massages!

As a lover, Leo is dramatic and demonstrative. Again, lavish praise will get you extra attention, and your appreciation will be met with additional hours of pampering in the Royal Bed Chambers.


Aries and Leo have a lot in common, in fact they might have so many of the same goals and desires that they find it hard to share – especially when it comes to the spotlight. Both of these fire sign people need plenty of attention, so although they will form a winning friendship, Aries and Leo will also compete in an endless battle for importance. Another problem could be the two signs’ different rates of decision-making. Aries moves too quickly while Leo moves too slowly. Aries will find it easier to get Leo to move on something if the change can be made to seem like it’s Leo’s idea. If the two are more mature (say, over 30), the relationship has a much better chance of working out. Sexually, this is a very exciting and fun-filled combination. They should keep a fire extinguisher on the night table!


These two contrasting personalities can actually build a very satisfying relationship. Taurus’ practical approach can ground Leo’s tendency to dramatize the most mundane events. Taurus will also get vicarious pleasure out of Leo’s antics, and Leo will be grateful to have Taurus to depend on. This couple is likely to fight over money and what it is to be spent on. The Taurus person will always want to have some resources to hold on to in the event of a rainy day. The Leo will have a more flamboyant approach, and is likely to see Taurus as being miserly. Both are extremely fixed, so the power struggle between the two is likely to be intense. This pair will tend to see things the same way, and they will be slow to take action as a couple. Fortunately for Taurus, Leo will have the energy needed to make a move long before it’s occurred to Taurus that one day it will be too late. In bed, Leo will delight in Taurus’ ability to appeal to the senses, while Taurus will be enlivened by Leo’s fiery approach to the mating ritual.


This relationship can be very successful if the pair focuses on how they can support one another’s efforts in the outside world. Gemini needs to have the latitude to connect with a variety of different people and make connections that suit the mood of the moment. Leo needs to have the freedom to perform to a public that lavishes large helpings of admiration. Of course, it will help if these two partners find ways to appreciate one another, as well. Gemini must make it a point to check in with Leo to ensure that the bond they want to have is still in place. Leo must be careful not to ignore or belittle Gemini’s intellectual curiosity and changeability. It can be hard for Gemini to change Leo’s mind about joint decisions and activities, so flexibility on the part of both parties is the key. Sexually, Gemini must try to give Leo the kind of constancy that Leo needs to feel gratified. Leo must give Gemini variety and excitement in order to keep Gemini’s attention from wandering off to find excitement and stimulation elsewhere.


On the surface, this might not seem like it’s a match made in heaven, but the truth is this couple can find a lot to love about one another. Cancer needs to have someone to love, and Leo is very happy to be so adored. Cancer likes to stay home and take care of the house and family, and Leo likes to go out in public and put on a performance. What’s really in operation here is the combination of mothering love and fathering love. Cancer coddles and Leo brings out the best in people. There is every reason to believe this couple will achieve a balance of mutual consideration that will make them both happy. They might fight now and then about who hasn’t given whom enough attention, but in bed this combination is fiercely sexy. Put fire and water together like this and you get an extraordinary outpouring of sensuous, sexy steam.


The rivalry here is fierce (think Sean Penn and Madonna). No matter how much these two love one another, it’s going to be hard for them to stop competing and begin cooperating. But, if they can bring the relationship to a point where they achieve mutual respect, then it can last a very long time. It would be practical for this pair to hire domestic helpers, however. Neither of them is going to want to be caught dead doing dirty work around the house. Fights could erupt over this issue, as well as to who needs to have the most attention at any given moment. The bedroom would be the ideal place for this couple to play with their natural rivalry. Trying to see who could get their partner more excited could lead to hours of delightful entertainment!


With work, this could be a successful match, but there will be a lot for both of these signs to adjust to. While Leo does in truth like to give to others, it will seem to Virgo that Leo is entirely self-serving. Leo, meanwhile, will annoy Virgo by undermining Virgo’s self-esteem. The sad part is that Leo can do this without even trying. Leo’s personality is quite strong and magnetic, while Virgo is much more quiet and subtle, and this could give Virgo an inferiority complex. Both signs will have to work hard to ensure they give one another enough support, and both will have to accept that the other partner will see decision-making in a completely different way. Money is sure to be a bone of contention, because Leo would prefer to spare no expense and Virgo is a legendary bean counter. Sex could be good, but both might use it to punish one another for an out-of-bedroom slight.


Loud choruses of “look at me” might drown out the sweetly spoken declarations of “I love you” in this relationship, but this couple can grow closer as time goes on. Leo has a flashy way of self-presentation, while Libra exudes natural beauty. Both are very concerned about personal appearance, and both are charming and pleasant. On the whole, this duo will harmonize well, as long as they respect one another’s strengths and give each other compliments and support. Fights could break out when Leo wants to be alone, and also when Libra just wants to bicker back and forth – just for the “fun” of it. In bed, these two will find that they can be equally romantic- and dramatic. They could develop elaborate ways of playing together that bring their sexual experience to new levels of pleasure.


The two tough signs go well together. They both resist change and will stick out their relationship, realizing that weathering occasional storms will only make the bond between them stronger. Leo is generous, giving, and wants to perform well; while Scorpio is an overachiever who constantly strives for excellence. This is an extremely productive combination. Leo is the “out front” person, while Scorpio works from behind the scenes. It’s the kind of relationship that works well in business as well as in bed. Fights can break out between these two, though, and when they do they’ll probably be over the emotional slights each perceives. Leo is more sensitive than it seems, and Scorpio is more aggressive than it appears. Both, however, are supremely passionate lovers. They should go on occasional vacations to change the scenery, and with a little bit of variety, they’ll enjoy an active love life.


The Lion and the Centaur are the best of friends, but to keep a lasting relationship going they must focus on their similarities and understand their differences. This duo must allow each other a lot of room for individual interests and achievement. When they’re together, they’ll enjoy raucous physical activity like team sports and marathon running. These two showoffs could use some adult supervision once in awhile, particularly when they fight. Most of the time, the disagreements will center on Sagittarius wanting Leo to come on an adventure that interferes with plans Leo’s already made. They’ll have to fight out a lot of little battles involving individual turf vs. “together time”, but once they do, the explosive sex that takes place when they make up is sure to melt away the tension.


This couple will have to decide very early on in the relationship which of them will be in charge. Regal Leo assumes authority without being asked, while Capricorn thinks it goes without saying that no one else is capable of managing things. If they can surmount this obstacle, this couple can enjoy each other through their various activities. This is the kind of relationship that works well as long as they each pursue completely separate careers. They can then use their partners’ interests as a refuge from their own intense professional concerns. In bed, the two of these have a surprisingly good time. Capricorn’s almost insatiable appetite gives Leo the perfect audience for stellar bedroom performances, while Capricorn can quietly (yet effectively) satisfy Leo’s every desire.


This is a very good match because each of the partners needs something that only the other can provide. And, by being as opposite as they are, these two force one another to become less extreme about their ways of viewing the world. Aquarius believes that people should be more concerned about groups than individuals, and Leo is interested in showing off individual talents and abilities. Many of the disagreements these two have are likely to center on this topic, but if these two can come to appreciate the possibility of learning from one another, they can both benefit. The sexual part of this relationship can get very hot. Being opposites, these two not only attract, they can’t get enough of each other.


These two signs meet on a heart level, and can create a very rewarding union. Leo is generous and energetic, while Pisces is altruistic and reserved. Leo can bring the best out in Pisces, and Pisces can soften and broaden Leo’s impulse to give. This couple can easily draw on one another’s strength to enhance their relationship and enrich themselves through the time they spend together. Once the magic wears off, they might fight about the very things that make them so fascinated with one another. Leo could become exasperated with Pisces’ lack of focus, while Pisces could see Leo as being insensitive at times. But as long as this couple remembers that their connection comes from the heart, their sexual experience will be strengthened by a soul-level connection.


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