Tips on how to flirt with girls

When you’re getting to know a girl you like you’ll want to flirt with her as much as possible. Modern technology means that you can stay in touch wherever she is and whatever she’s doing. How to flirt with a girl you’re interested in depends on what your intention is and what you would like the outcome to be.

If you simply want to enjoy some flirty banter you can get creative with a few suggestive and seductive text messages. If you want to get to know a girl how you flirt with her will determine the pace and direction of your intimate connection.

How To Be Flirty

When you’re texting it can sometimes be hard to come up with something creative and original to type. How to flirt with a girl via text can be as simple or as highly imaginative as you like. You can send her cute observational texts that are complimentary or make her laugh with silly jokes that show you have a well developed sense of humour.

When you’re texting a girl you like and want to get to know you’ll quickly come up with plenty of ways to convey your interest. Be yourself and be naturally flirty by sending a text that is genuine, well written and memorable.

How To Ask The Right Questions

Asking questions gives you an opportunity to find out things about the girl that you like. Keep it simple and ask her open questions that require a proper answer, instead of a one word  “yes”, “no” or “maybe” response. Ask her about herself and let her elaborate. A good question usually creates plenty of text discussion opportunities.

How To Impress

As silly as this may sound girls are impressed by guys who pay attention to their spelling and grammar when texting. As convenient as text speak may be it is a language that is reserved for teenagers, so it is best to avoid the temptation to send the girl you are flirting with abbreviated messages.

How To Tease To Please

Teasing over text is a great way to flirt with the girl you’re interested in. You can be playful and tease her by making fun of something she’s said or done. Give her the opportunity to tease you back so that you create a flirtatious mood that goes with the flow.

Keep it light and avoid subjects that may unintentionally cause offense. Send a smiley winking face emoticon to show that you’re just playfully teasing, if you’re not sure how she will react to a text.

Increase her interest by being a little naughty and flirty. Casually mentioning that you’ve just got out of the shower will intrigue and inspire her to send you a flirty text back. Be playful but avoid being rude or crude.

How To Play It Cool

When you know how to flirt with a girl opening up a text-based conversation is easy. What can sometimes be difficult is playing it cool. It is easy to get carried away with fun and flirty banter, but it is important not to go overboard by sending too many texts.

Keep it cool by sending a flirty text when you feel the most inspired. Avoid always being the first person to start a text conversation. Give her space and time to get creative with her own flirty text responses. Use emoticons occasionally, if it helps to convey a particular message, but be careful not to overuse them.

Don’t respond to a text the moment you receive it. Playing it cool means waiting a while to reply to a message. When you’re cool you have other things going on in your life that require your time and attention. Controlled texting encourages the girl you like to become more intrigued by you.

How To Set Limits

To avoid a text exchange that lasts for hours and fizzles out into a meaningless communication set a text limit. Pique her interest by texting flirty messages that are spread out over the course of a day or evening. The idea is to hook her and slowly get to know her. Not to bombard her with texts at the first opportunity you get.

Ask specific questions if you want a reply to a question. Keep texts short, sweet and flirty and end the conversation on a high note. Leave her wanting more of your time and attention, and not less because you’ve bored her for hours!

Set a limit of a number of texts, or a period of time, and an outcome goal. You can casually and easily build up to asking her out on a date when you know how to flirt with a girl successfully. Make the date text your last before telling her that you have to go now. That way you’ll both have plenty to look forward to.

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