How To Ask Your Crush Out

When you have a burning desire to be with someone you find attractive, and who you consider to be special, you have a crush. Having a crush on someone can be exciting and exhilarating, and terrifying and confusing all at the same time. Asking your crush out on a date requires confidence, positive self-belief and courage. But it can also be easy to do…

Figure It Out

Before you start to make plans, and work out how to ask your crush out on a date, it is wise to figure out how serious your crush is. Crushes can make you feel excited, giddy, shy, nervous and overcome with emotion. It is important to remember that they are also passing fancies and infatuations. It is therefore essential that you check out how strong your feelings are before sharing them with someone you think is hot.

What’s Your Crush?

There are different types of crushes and it is worth identifying yours before you make plans about how to ask your crush out.

• The Friendly Crush

Not all of the strong feelings you may feel for someone are necessarily romantic or lustful. Being drawn to someone because you like this person for no special reason is perfectly acceptable, and can turn a close connection into a best friends situation. Having a friendly crush simply means that you want to hang out with your BFF whenever possible.

• The Admiration Crush

When you admire and idolise someone your feelings can become intense. Sometimes the intensity can cause you to mistake adulation for romantic fascination. Being in awe of someone, who you think is cool and amazing, is natural and acceptable provided that your admiration for this person teaches you something.

• The Romantic Crush

A romantic crush is likely to make you feel like you have a hundred butterflies dancing in your stomach, and you spend most of the day fantasising about your dream life with this person. When you have a romantic crush you like someone in more than a friendly way, and making him or her your boyfriend/girlfriend is all that you can think about.

• The Passing Crush

It is common and natural to be attracted to people, with or without any particular reason. This attraction is what is known as the passing crush and is mostly motivated by a physical attraction to someone you think is exciting and hot.

The Best Approach

How to ask your crush out should be easy to figure out once you have identified the type of crush you have, and how you tend to behave when you are around the object of your affection and attention.

• The Shy Approach

If you find yourself blushing uncontrollably and tripping up over your words, when you are in the presence of your crush, you will need to overcome your panic if you want to know how to ask your crush out.

If you’re a little shy take things slow and find out things about your crush. What they like and dislike, activities they enjoy and anything that gives you some insight will help you find common ground on which to make your best approach. Starting a friendship first will allow you to get to know more about your crush, and their personality, before you take a chance and ask your crush out.

• The Outgoing Approach

Feeling confident and chatty when your crush is around means that an outgoing approach is ideal for you. Talk to your crush and get to know his/her personality and likes and dislikes. Whilst a little playful banter and friendly teasing is fine make sure you don’t go overboard, as this may make your crush feel uncomfortable.

Avoid being creepy by taking the time to get to know your crush before you ask him or her out. He/she is not likely to agree to a date with someone who has randomly asked them out. Be yourself and be friendly and charming. Don’t try to impress or to speed things up. Be outgoing and let the connection happen naturally. You’ll know exactly when the perfect moment comes to ask your crush out.

• The Flirty Approach

The flirty approach is best if you find that you are always giggly and jokey around your crush. Using subtle body language signs is an effective way of getting your message of interest across without having to make a huge amount of effort. Soft and gentle physical touch, on the hand or arm, is acceptable when you’re engaged in friendly conversation with your crush.

If you’re a girl show off your interest by playing with your hair as you maintain eye contact with your crush. If you’re a guy use your body language to close the physical space between you and your crush, as you make her laugh with your flirty banter. By being yourself how to ask your crush out will be easy and effortless.

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