Girl Flirting For Girls

If you’re a girl who is interested in flirting with other girls you have a serious advantage over the male population. As a female you know exactly how a woman likes to be approached, appreciated and adored. Successful girl flirting for girls simply requires locating a suitable female object of your attention and affection and turning on your natural confident charm.

Be Positive

Having a positive attitude impacts on your confidence and enables you to fully enjoy the girl flirting experience. Be friendly and approachable if you want your flirting to be fun and effortless.

Look Your Best

Personal confidence improves when you take the time to ensure that you look amazing. Wear an outfit that you like and that fits your figure perfectly. Choose clothes that are comfortable and stylish and project the kind of style image you want to show off.

Be Yourself

When you are relaxed you instantly become more open and approachable and other people get to see your true personality. Be genuine and flirt in a manner that is natural for you. Show off your sense of humour and engage the girl you want to flirt with in easy conversation. You’ll quickly relax and establish rapport and a flirting connection.

Make Eye Contact

If you want to make an intimate connection you need to make eye contact. Eye contact enables two people to show subtle signs of mutual interest that can then be reciprocated or ignored. Once you make eye contact you have the perfect opening to engage in friendly banter and flirtatious behaviour.

Explore Touch

Light and subtle touching takes your connection to the next level. When talking brush your hand lightly across her hand, arm or shoulder. You can also gently touch her face or sweep a strand of hair out of her eyes, as you lean in close to whisper something in her ear. Any gentle stroking, that is not too intimate, allows you to subtly make physical contact and to determine whether or not interest is reciprocated.


Smiling shows you are friendly and approachable and is the easiest way to get girl flirting started. Give her your best genuine, warm smile and let her reciprocate. When you’re engaged in conversation smile often to show how much fun you are to be with.

Pay Compliments

Girls love to receive compliments that are genuine. As a girl you’ll know exactly how to flatter the girl you want to flirt with. Compliment her on her unique style, confident dressing and sassy personality. Girls appreciate that girls don’t like to showered with meaningless compliments that are generally body related. Use your knowledge to your advantage.

Be Interested

As you get the conversation started make sure you show interest by asking relevant questions that keeps chat flowing. Ask open questions to avoid brief one word responses. When you get girl flirting for girls right you instantly build rapport between you, as well as an intimate connection.

Take turns to ask and answer questions. Pay attention to her responses as this will give you hints about other things you can discuss. You’ll also learn a lot about the things she likes and dislikes.

Be Honest

Girls appreciate honesty so be open about your interest and intentions. If you’re looking for casual flirty interaction let her know this is what you want. Never boast or lie about yourself or what you want. Girls are generally tuned into their sixth sense so she will notice and read the signs that you’re trying to hide.

Pay Attention

Effective girl flirting includes using body language to convey subtle messages and signs of interest. Pay attention to the way in which she moves closer or further from you, fidgets with her hands, twirls her hair seductively, licks her lips or exposes her neck. These subtle signals will let you know that it’s ok to move things to the next level.

Relax And Go With The Flow

The girl you are flirting with is reading you and waiting for reciprocal signs that show her you are interested in progressing the connection. Allow your growing confidence, in your connection, to relax you so that you can let the situation develop naturally. When you go with the flow girl flirting for girls becomes an easy and enjoyable experience, with a positive outcome.

Make Your Move

Once you are sure that she is as interested in you as you are in her make your move. Take her hand, gaze into her eyes and, if the time feels right, move in for that first kiss. If you prefer to wait before sharing a kiss take the opportunity get physically closer or to ask her out on a date. Take charge of the flirting by showing her your intention. Girls love to be surprised so save something memorably unexpected for the end of your girl flirting encounter.

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