When To Kiss A Girl?

Identifying the perfect moment to make your move requires overcoming uncertainty and the fear of rejection. Sussing out the right time for that magical first kiss can be a challenge, but if you concentrate on paying attention to her subtle hints you’ll know exactly when to kiss a girl.

The Number One Rule

The number one rule of proper first kiss execution is that there are no secrets to kissing, smooching or snogging. At best it can be a bit of a gamble. For the minority lucky few the prime kissing opportunity comes quickly and easily. The rest of us have to result to trial and error.

Looking out for the clues, that help you determine the right time to go in for the kiss, guarantees positive payback if you pay attention. Sometimes you may have to accept that your plans have to be postponed because the strategy and timing of a kiss is not an exact science.

Being rejected, as you pucker up and move in for that first kiss, is normal. Not every girl will respond in an enthusiastic manner. You’re going to get your fair share of knockbacks simply because dating is a numbers game.

Double Your Chances

To help you gauge when to kiss a girl there are a number of responses you can check. When you give her a friendly hello hug look for her nonverbal response. Does she hug you back enthusiastically or lean away from your embrace? If you’re looking for any opportunity to kiss her you could attempt it whilst she’s momentarily in your arms.

If you’d rather wait for the perfect moment you will have to make sure she is emotionally and physically relaxed and at ease in your company. Take your focus off timing and opportunity and enjoy the flirting and teasing for a while. As she becomes more comfortable you’ll start spotting the body language clues she’s giving you. If the chemistry is evident she’ll reveal her interest in you in her own sweet time.

Triple Your Chances

Introducing some subtle nonverbal contact increases your chances of knowing when to kiss a girl. Lightly brushing her arm with your hand or stroking her hair will illicit an instant positive or negative response. If you get the green light don’t be tempted to rush straight in. Keep it slow and steady so that you can keep checking your chances. Build up the physical contact until you’re both comfortable with a prolonged touch. Touching or holding hands is your aim.

Her body language will either close up the physical gap between you or widen it. Her responses may also include blushing, giggling and playing with her hair. She’ll also be drawing attention to her mouth by either licking her lips seductively or biting them whenever you get up close. Watch for the eye-to-eye contact that suggestively moves from your eyes to your lips and back up again. If you get the combination of all of the signs you’re approaching your moment. Let her subtle clues guide you.

Something To Consider

Assuming this girl is as into you as you are into her, she will have played out the entire evening and 1001 outcomes in her head prior to your date. She’s also accepted that no matter how much she’d love to kiss you it is your job to instigate the first kiss. Quit worrying that you’ll mess it up or she’ll reject you. If she’s happy to spend time with you your chances of achieving your desired outcome have dramatically increased.

It’s Obvious

Every girl longs for the romance and intimacy of the first kiss that happens as if by magic. If she really likes you she’ll be pleased even if your approach is clumsy and less elegant. The key to knowing exactly when to kiss a girl is to allow spontaneity to show you the perfect moment. Don’t wait for the nerve-wracking, high pressure point in time at the end of the date. Not only is that moment obvious but you’ll also have to contend with the butterflies in your stomach.

You can cheekily ask her for a kiss, as you point at your cheek. This takes the pressure off the main event and helps you gauge her interest. She may give you a quick friendly peck, which shows that she’s not as romantically inclined as you. Or she may take it nice and slow and linger up close. Don’t be tempted to turn you head so that she ‘accidentally’ kisses your lips.

The perfect moment is unconventional and when she is least expecting it. Spontaneity is romantic and sexy. Don’t ask her for permission and don’t say a word. For maximum effect, go for it in a sophisticated and subtle way. Smile and then slowly take her by surprise!

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