Top 10 Halloween Costumes to Wear on a Date

What costume to wear on a date depends on the type of relationship you’ve established. If it’s relatively early in the dating process, you will most likely each plan your own costume; if you’re pretty closely linked by now, you may want to come up with a couples’ costumethat you can wear together. Unless you agree on it beforehand, it may not be best to wear one of the extremely sexy costumes available—doing so could bring up some jealousy issues you’d probably rather avoid!

We searched Halloween Costume Shopping, the ultimate Halloween costume guide, to find the top 10 costumes to wear on a date of any sort. Ranging from funny to fabulous, these costumes are guaranteed to get you some attention—hopefully from your date!

Officer Frisk Me

Officer Frisk MeIf you’re feeling frisky, wear this costume on a Halloween date—just make sure your date is the one doing the frisking!

This costume isn’t too tight or skimpy, so it won’t seem inappropriate for someone in a relationship, and it comes with a badge, policeman’s hat, baton, and even handcuffs that you could find some creative uses for!

Sexy Police Officer

Sexy Police OfficerThe female counterpart to the male police officer costume is a little bit skimpier, but not too inappropriate. This could make a cute couples’ costume—enforce the law together!

Priest Costume

Priest CostumeIf your date doubts your fidelity, put on this priest costume to prove your faith! It’s a funny way to show that you’re—if not quite celibate—at least faithful to your one true love.

Invisible Man Costume

Invisible Man CostumeIf your girlfriend wishes you would just be a little bit less loud, the invisible man is a great costume for Halloween! Stay silent and invisible in this silly costume including oversized trenchcoat, hat, and glasses. Once you prove you’re willing to listen and hang out in the background once in a while, you’ll be a hero in her eyes!

Perfect Husband Costume

For serious but silly relationships only! Don’t offend someone by wearing this on the second date, but if you’re already married or serious enough to have talked about it, this perfect husband—aka a puppet—will make for a funny joke on Halloween.

Miss Millie Flapper Costume

Miss Millie Flapper CostumeA flapper costume is a fun way to be flirty and sexy without taking it over the top, and while also paying tribute to a fabulous era in our nation’s history. Learn a few dance steps to make your costume more authentic, and make sure the fellow you dance with most is your date!

Sorceress Costume

Sorceress Costume

Slightly sexy but not too trashy, this sorceress costume is a fun way to keep the magic in your relationship. A silky blue dress with big sleeves and collar give you a fantastical appearance. Cook up some love spells to win—and keep—your date’s heart!

Couples’ Costumes are a great way to go all out with a theme for Halloween. Dress up as the same or similar thing so everyone knows you’re together!

Silverware Set

Silverware SetA fork and spoon set is a hilarious costume for a cute (and cutlery-obsessed) couple. Just make sure the dish doesn’t run away with the spoon!

Washer Costume and Dryer Costume Set

Washer Costume and Dryer Costume SetGood clean fun will be had by all when you wear this washer and dryer costume set! A cute way to keep it clean on Halloween, these costumes will have everyone laughing all the way through the spin cycle.

Hot Dog and Burger Babe

Hot Dog and Burger BabeWould you like fries with that? You can take orders all night long, but make it clear that the hot dog is all that’s on the menu for you tonight.

There you have it—some saucy and sexy couples’ costumes ideas! Visit the Halloween Blog for more great costume tips and articles. To buy a Halloween costume visit

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