Things To Take With You On A Date

1. Wallet, purse, handbag and money or/and credit cards. It may be the guy’s task to pay but the woman should not appear empty handed just in case.

2. Condoms for both men and women. We are living in a modern age, so modern thinking is required, whatever your morality and outlook. Stay sensible.

3. Mobile or cellular phone. For women this is an essential security device as well as an aid to keeping in contact with your date should arrangements go awry or the cab is late.

4. A piece of paper with directions and address of the restaurant or location you are meeting together with your date’s cellular number if they have one. That way you won’t find yourself in the embarrassing situation of not knowing where you are going.

5. A sense of humor. Okay it’s not a thing but it is the one factor that ruins dates more than anything else, the inability to laugh and enjoy. Going on a date in a bad mood is not going to make anyone feel special.

6. A flower. A nice touch for a guy to show he has thought about his date by bringing a single flower that he has actually gone and purchased rather than stealing from a local garden.

7. If conditions require it, take an umbrella. There is nothing worse than spending hours getting ready, only for a rogue shower to ruin everything. This is particularly true towards the end of the evening, so be prepared and do not allow yourself to feel cold or wet. Discomfort can ruin everything.

8. Take some trust and common sense in equal amounts. You have to trust people from the outset otherwise you are fooling yourself. Remember that people are innocent until proven guilty so don’t take along an attitude that your new date is as bad as your ex until proven otherwise, otherwise love will elude you. By the same token common sense will ensure you can spot danger signals and warning signs in your date and whether you are or are not indeed compatible.

9. Carry a small pocket diary and pen, especially the guy. This will make you look organised and professional and allows you to arrange a second date together as well as make a note of his or her number. Try not to have lots of other girls/boys names on the pages you are liable to be writing in.

10. If you are attending some event, make sure you have the tickets in advance and that you have them with you. Trying to gain entry for a concert, theater, movie or gig on the day may backfire so don’t leave things to chance and disappointment.

And finally, make sure you haven’t left your personality at home either. Whilst first dates can be quite daunting for many, there is no excuse for forgetting yourself. So many people feel overawed by the moment that they suppress who they are, forget themselves and find themselves tongue tied. It is as much your date as theirs so remember that this is quality time for you to have fun and relax, yes relax. Enjoy the conversation that flows.

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