The First Thing To Say To A Girl

Making a positive and lasting first impression very much depends on the way in which you open up communication with another person. When that person also happens to be a member of the opposite sex, that you’re very attracted to, the importance of getting your opening sentence just right dramatically increases.
Unfortunately the increase in the magnitude of getting the first thing you say to a girl right often creates negative stress, which makes you panic at the thought of having to come up with something even more impressive.

The only important thing to acknowledge here is: it really doesn’t matter what you say!

Keep It Simple

When you’re making an initial connection with someone the only thing you should concern yourself with is not missing the golden opportunity. Saying a simple “hello” is far better than wracking your brains for something ultra smart and witty, but taking too long to get your words out. Usually, when you’re planning the first thing to say to a girl there is a time restriction involved in some way. Perhaps you only see this girl at a particular time of the day, or you have to go out of your way to ‘accidentally’ cross paths. If this is your scenario stop worrying about the romantic and poetic phrasing you were hoping to come up with and just say a warm and friendly “hi”, the next time your eyes meet.

Start any conversation by saying “hello”. It’s simple and sincere and direct. You don’t have to dazzle her with your wonderfulness. If you keep the conversation going you may quickly find that she’s very open to finding out just how amazing you are.

Be Socially Aware

Whether the first thing you say to a girl is face to face or online it is important to keep your conversation in the moment and relevant. This means making use of the prompts you have right in front of you. For instance: if the girl of your dreams works in the coffee shop you go into every single morning ask her to suggest a beverage recommendation. Say something simple like “I’m a little tired of my usual latte, what would you recommend I try today?” She may be surprised that you’re asking her advice but she’ll be flattered all the same.

Look for the topic/interest/place that you have in common and use this to your advantage when opening up the conversation. Use transition words like ‘indeed’, ‘in all honesty’, ‘speaking about (blah blah blah)’ to connect one topic or idea to the next. This allows you to cover a lot of ground and to open up the conversation.

Twenty Questions

Although “hello” was the first thing you said technically it is just an introduction. You will now have to give some considered thought to the first thing to say to a girl.

Most people like to talk about themselves but don’t often get the chance to be so self-indulgent. Unfortunately talking about yourself, without being asked direct questions, gives the impression that you’re nervous or apprehensive. If you’re really going overboard you’ll come across as narcissistic.

Start a conversation by focusing on her. After all, this is the person you badly want to get to know. Ask her general questions about herself and her likes and dislikes. Try to use open questions so that her response is not a direct “yes” or “no”. When you ask random questions you get an opportunity to have some fun. Throw in something wild and imaginative just for the hell of it. “When was the last time you ate jelly and custard?” It’ll catch her off guard and she’ll laugh (which is always a good thing!).

Use her responses as a guide for your own replies. If she’s playing the conversation game she’ll be asking you a few questions, tagged on the end of her answers. The more ground you playfully cover the easier it will be for you to figure out how compatible you’re likely to be. Make sure you ask ‘questions’ and do not conduct some form of interrogation. Being too nosey will make her feel uncomfortable.

Create A Mutual Rhythm

The first thing you say to a girl doesn’t have to be outstandingly romantic or poetic or memorable. Even if you managed to come up with some impressively creative way of starting a conversation chances are she’ll have forgotten what it was when she looks back on the moment you first connected, in years to come. What she will easily recall though is the way in which you both fell into a natural mutual rhythm with each other.

Explore the chemistry by introducing a little flirtation and some playful teasing, if you’re comfortable and you sense she’ll be responsive. If you gauge this wrong all you have to do is change the subject.

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