6 Signs a Girl is Attracted to You

Girls are generally very clued up about reading the subtle signs and signals a guy gives when he is interested in getting to know her. Guys, on the other hand, often miss the subtle clues that signal a girl is attracted.

Successful dating requires an understanding of the language of attraction. Without knowing how to spot the common signs of attraction from girls a guy is very likely to waste his time flirting with a girl who just isn’t interested.

Signs of attraction are a pattern of behaviour and actions that are subtle but speak volumes. These signals include body language, eye contact, mirroring and controlling physical space. Once you know what signs to look out for flirting and dating become far more fun. Here are 6 signs a girl is attracted to you.

1. Body Language

The position of a girl’s body gives a guy many obvious body language clues that show her interest or lack of it. If she is facing you full on, and standing with her arms by her sides you cannot have a clearer sign of definite attraction. This body language translates as a welcome invitation to engage in conversation.

The most common sign a girl is attracted to you will include a combination of body language signs that demonstrate playful behaviour, seduction and open response. Reading body language requires practice and is it worthwhile getting a basic understanding of the techniques. As a short cut the signs you want to look out for are the defensive signals that clearly demonstrate lack of interest in you. If the girl you’re interested in turns her body away from you or crosses her arms in front of her you’ll have a clear sign that tells you to back off.

Once you’re engaged in friendly and flirtatious conversation watch out for the body language signs that give you permission to move things forward. These include gentle physical contact (usually to the arm), increased eye contact, seductive lip licking and hair flicking or twirling. This form of fidgeting tells you she is getting impatient for your attraction action.

2. Eye Contact

Another of the common signs of attraction from girls is subtle and seductive eye contact. That long and lingering look across the room is followed up with a few furtive glances to check you’ve noticed her noticing you. Up close eye contact should be maintained as you chat and flirt with each other. If she is interested in you you’ll notice her dilated pupils. Pupil dilation naturally occurs when we see something that is visually appealing, enticing or arousing.

As the flirting hots up between you watch for the subtle eyes-to-lips-to-eyes eye contact. This fluid eye movement tells you that she is interested and wants to get more intimate. Hold her gaze and if you’re equally interested give her your best eyes-to-lips-to-eyes look in return.

If you’re having trouble maintaining eye contact, because she looks away, it is safe to assume that she’s just not that interested in getting to know you.

3. Sharing Information

When a girl opens up the conversation by sharing personal experiences with you she is showing you that she is comfortable in your company and attracted to you. If a girl does this check her body language and how she uses eye contact to ensure that you’re not just talking to a chatterbox who wants attention.

Sharing experiences and stories helps you establish a connection and increases intimacy and is a clear common sign of attraction from a girl, or boy for that matter.

4. Blushing

When a girl is attracted to you she may blush. This is a natural, unstoppable response in the body and demonstrates physical attraction and arousal. Sometimes blushing happens when an embarrassing situation occurs and this is due to receiving unexpected attention. If she blushes, when you pay her a genuine compliment, accept this as a common sign of attraction.

5. Open Space

A girl who is attracted to you will do everything she can to close up the physical space between you and her. She’ll want to lean in close to whisper in your ear or to brush against your arm. If a girl steps back because she feels that you are encroaching on her physical space, or she holds her bag in front of her body she is effectively creating a barrier between you that conveys a clear back off message.

6. Mirroring

When two people are genuinely interested in getting to know one another they will start to mirror body language. This mirroring makes both parties feel relaxed and creates a more intimate connection. A common sign of attraction from girls is a seemingly casual mimicking response to your subtle movements. She will take a sip from her drink as you do from yours; she will lean towards you as you get closer and share a joke with her; she’ll laugh when you laugh and generally increase her attention.

When mirroring occurs pay attention to the other subtle signs to ensure you’ve got the attraction green light.

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