Should You Kiss A Girl On The First Date?

When it comes to sealing the deal with a kiss on the first date there are certain rules of etiquette that can help you determine whether or not to make the move. Should you kiss a girl on the first date depends on a number of factors but mostly on your date experience.

The Difference Between Guys And Girls

When it comes to kissing on a first date confidence, chemistry and keenness all play a part in whether or not this personal level of intimacy is shared. Most guys want to kiss the girl on the first date, for a number of reasons. They want to check that she is as interested in him as he is in her; they want to experience some physical proof of the chemistry and connection and they simply want to move things to the next level.

Girls prefer to take things at a slower pace than guys and for this reason kissing takes on a different meaning for them. Girls tend to associate a first date kiss with a promise. To them the kiss means he is interested in getting involved with her; it proves there is mutual chemistry and attraction and that he wants to move things to the next level.

The guy is almost always the instigator of the first kiss and because of this the girl often puts aside her own needs and desires. It’s not uncommon for a girl to think she has fallen for a guy before she actually figures out if she likes him. This is because he works at a faster pace.

What’s The Big Deal?

Kissing is an intimate expression of affection and a physical experience usually shared between two people who are interested in each other or who have an established connection. Kissing is like an invisible bond between two people and is associated with a connection. It is not usually an activity that is openly enjoyed with anyone and everyone.

The big deal with kissing on the first date is that once you kiss you can’t take it back. Kissing conveys an intimate intention and should therefore be reserved for connections that you genuinely want to establish and build. If you’re kissing a girl because you think it’s what she expects then you’re giving out a false message and potentially creating a problem.

Should you kiss a girl on the first date therefore depends on what you actually feel and what you would like the outcome to be. Never kiss a girl unless you mean it.

Testing The Water

If your date is going well and you’ve been paying attention to her body language you will quickly discover if you should kiss a girl on the first date. Use subtle playful touch to establish a physical connection and allow her to take the lead. Resist the temptation to get too touchy feely and wait for her physical response.

For the most memorable first date kiss you will want to take advantage of a spontaneous moment so do not plan an expected scripted kiss as you drop her off at her door. Go with the flow and when the time feels right kiss her.

Reasons You Should Kiss A Girl On The First Date

Kissing is a natural expression of passion, lust and desire, so if the chemistry and sexual attraction is mutual it is the most natural thing to do on a first date.

There is intense sexual chemistry. When chemistry sparks are flying it can be difficult to ignore the intense attraction. A first date kiss is inevitable. Just choose your moment well.

You definitely want to see her again. There is obvious mutual attraction and you already know that she is someone you want to get to know on an intimate level.

It feels like the perfect date. When you have spent quality time in the company of someone you really like a kiss is the ideal end to a perfect date.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Kiss A Girl On The First Date

Although a kiss on the first date is perfectly acceptable sometimes it can be awkward and just feel wrong.

You’re not that into her. As nice as she is, this girl isn’t really doing it for you so it is wrong to let her believe otherwise. Kissing someone you have no interest in conveys the wrong message and should be avoided.

You’re not ready. Never kiss a girl on the first date if you feel it is expected of you. Feeling that you have to perform quickly takes the spark out of any possible attraction and she will sense that you’re not ready by the way in which you kiss her.

You just don’t feel like it. Even if the date is going well and you want to see her again you may not feel like getting more intimate. It is perfectly ok to pass up on a kiss. A first kiss doesn’t have to happen on a first date.

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