Scorpio Star Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating

Scorpio has a reputation for being one of the scariest signs in the zodiac, but this intense sign is much gentler than many people believe. The tough façade these people put on is there to protect the deep sensitivity that lies beneath the surface. Scorpios want to be loved so desperately that their relationship partners often find themselves being controlled and manipulated into doing things they would never do if they were asked outright.

Making relationship partners “prove” their love is one of Scorpio’s ways of making sure that they’re getting the love they really want. Being loved and admired is essential to Scorpio. It’s the one thing that might make them feel secure (well, almost!). To handle a Scorpio, the romantic partner must be clever and willful, and strong enough to make Scorpio own up to the little manipulation games that go on. The reward for all this work is the most satisfying sex life imaginable. Scorpio is capable of deep emotional intimacy and incredible levels of sexual satisfaction.


This match is exceedingly passionate, but probably not the easiest one to sustain over the long-term. Aries accomplishes goals through an innocent brand of drive and ambition, while Scorpio is less overt about showing aggression. Everything goes smoothly as long as the two are working together, but when this couple fights, things can get ugly. Scorpio might not seem phased by Aries’ shows of temper, but later, when Aries least expects it, Scorpio will strike. This relationship can easily become an emotional tug-of-war unless the two partners are very clear about the way they feel about one another and what they do as individuals. In bed, the struggle for supremacy continues. Both will use sex as a way to manipulate the other, but if the two partners can keep the competition friendly, the mutually exciting contest in seduction can lead to great heights of sexual pleasure.


In this match-up, both Taurus and Scorpio meet their perfect match. Because they are opposite signs, these two compliment one another quite well. Taurus has the practical means to provide a secure material home base, and Scorpio can help Taurus handle some of the less obvious interpersonal situations that could potentially threaten it. Both signs are extremely protective, and both will wait a long while before making any major changes. However, when engaged in a lover’s quarrel, these two can easily stand up to one another where most of the other signs would retreat out of fear or explode in anger. Because both of these signs are so set in their ways, they are likely to stay in one residence and move infrequently, if ever, during the course of their relationship. Sexually, Scorpio helps Taurus to explore new territory when it comes to the true expression of intimacy, while Taurus gives Scorpio a run for the money in terms of sexual appetite and endurance.


This relationship is difficult to sustain because the two signs are so different. Gemini’s forthright honesty will often fall prey to Scorpio’s tendency to grab control of the relationship. Although Scorpio’s motivations may simply arise out of insecurity, any attempt to manipulate Gemini will result in a full retreat. Gemini needs to have the assurance that freedom will always be a strong component of a relationship. Meanwhile, Scorpio needs to have closeness and dependability to quash the fear that surrounds Scorpio’s perception of life. Scorpio finds Gemini to be incredibly sexy, however, and Scorpio is extremely attractive to Gemini. In bed, at least, the mystery these two have to explore is enough to fill up a substantial expanse of time with sexual excitement.


These two water signs are equally sensitive and psychic, so they’ll have an immediate rapport. They can have a very good relationship once they work out some of their issues. The first one of these is trust. Because they are both so emotional and vulnerable, Cancer and Scorpio will have to go through a few crises together before they will be convinced they can truly count on each other. Cancer will be especially suspicious of Scorpio’s secretive nature, and Cancer will have to learn to allow Scorpio to have plenty of privacy. Scorpio will be very protective of Cancer, though, and will work to bolster Cancer’s confidence. Cancer will work with Scorpio and provide a comforting home and family life. Sexually, these two will delve very deeply into one another’s inner lives, and if they can establish mutual trust, they’ll reach immensely satisfying levels of intimacy.


The two tough signs go well together. They both resist change and will stick out their relationship, realizing that weathering occasional storms will only make the bond between them stronger. Leo is generous, giving, and wants to perform well; while Scorpio is an overachiever who constantly strives for excellence. This is an extremely productive combination. Leo is the “out front” person, while Scorpio works from behind the scenes. It’s the kind of relationship that works well in business as well as in bed. Fights can break out between these two, though, and when they do they’ll probably be over the emotional slights each perceives. Leo is more sensitive than it seems, and Scorpio is more aggressive than it appears. Both, however, are supremely passionate lovers. They should go on occasional vacations to change the scenery, and with a little bit of variety, they’ll enjoy an active love life.


This match can be challenging, but once the individuals realize that they both have exceptionally sharp minds, things will go along smoothly. There is likely to be at least some struggle between the two about which of them should be the leader in the relationship. Scorpio will want to dominate, but Virgo will carry out a persistent quest to prove how much Scorpio needs Virgo to do things “the right way”. Scorpio is skilled at putting together strategy, and Virgo is excellent with details. The sooner this couple realizes this, they’ll be able to work together quite productively. In bed, they’ll find out that no matter who’s on top, the time they spend together will help both of them recharge their batteries.


This couple combines Venus’s romanticism and Mars energy, and the result is an exciting but volatile mixture. Libra is looking for excitement and romance, while Scorpio is wants to “own” as well as be owned by a partner. As long as both people can get what they want without feeling violated or dominated by the other partner, this match could work out well. However, it won’t be easy for this couple to transform the mystery and passion of dating and romance into something more serious. If they are going to achieve the desired state of being equal partners, Libra will need to develop trust and Scorpio must become more detached. If they can accomplish this, they will enjoy their unique brand of sexual alchemy for a very long time.


This deeply emotional duo matches up well. They sympathize well enough to know when one of them is trying to manipulate the other, so they won’t be afraid of their mutual intensity. Also, their intuition will get stronger when the two of them get together. This could lead them to become the kind of couple who are so attuned to one another that they can finish one another’s sentences. If there are fights, they will probably occur when the couple loses its sense of equilibrium. Any time the balance of power is in question, these two will have to hammer out a new truce between them. Once that’s done, they can get back to what they do best – demonstrating their deep feelings of love by merging with one another in a sexual relationship.


These two signs are very different, and they have to do a lot of work before they can meet on a heart level. Scorpio looks inward to the depths of the soul and savors transformation through psychological and spiritual development. Sagittarius is focused on the outside world and the wide panorama of possibilities that come from travel and education. Both seek knowledge and truth, but it comes from different directions. If they can successfully understand that each of them has a way of dealing with the world that is valid and valuable, they could learn a lot from each other. Fights could come over hurt feelings when Sagittarius becomes too brusque with Scorpio or Scorpio takes advantage of Sagittarius’ innocent openness. Sexually these two can impress one another physically, but they’ll have to both open up and trust one another before they can be joined at the heart.


These two signs make a surprisingly workable combination. Scorpio’s desire for excellence is met by Capricorn’s desire to be the best at everything, while Capricorn’s need to have a capable strategist to oversee the couple’s interests would be competently filled by Scorpio. They are both pragmatic in their approach to life, too, and this will allow them to develop a stable and long-lasting relationship. If fights erupt, they’ll probably have to do with the issue of respect. Both of these intensely proud signs want to be seen as the person in charge, and if anyone insinuates that either of them is less capable than the other, sparks can fly. Fortunately, they make up for it in bed. The bedroom antics Scorpio and Capricorn get into give a whole dimension to the idea of “dirty thoughts”. They might not talk about it much, but these two definitely put on a show that certain people would pay to be able to watch!


This surprisingly good match is based on the ability both signs have to remain focused on their goals and stand their respective ground in any argument. These two signs are very realistic about their expectations, and both are achiever types. If there are fights, they might spring from a conflict over the places each of these two wants to focus their energies. Aquarius is all for sharing ideas and wealth with the world outside, while Scorpio would never want to see the couples’ resources squandered on anyone outside their immediate circle. When these two lock horns, some fierce shows of temper are possible. Aquarius can sting Scorpio with words, while Scorpio can undermine Aquarius’ feelings of confidence with one dirty look. Once they turn out the lights in the bedroom, however, these two can re-connect sexually, and quickly remember why they got together to begin with.


Although these two will have a firm friendship, staying together as a couple can be challenging. Scorpio wants to have someone who is strong and self-sufficient, while Pisces people would be the first ones to admit that they like to have people take care of them. Scorpio’s secretive nature could injure Pisces’ fragile self-esteem, and provoke a whole series of paranoid fantasies about what Scorpio is “really” up to. The key to making this relationship work is honesty. Both partners have to dig deep into their vast wells of emotion and put them out in the open. Emotional responses and overreactions, real and otherwise, will be at the root of most conflicts. If they can resolve their differences, these two can experience an active sex life that’s satisfying on deep emotional levels.

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