Sagittarius Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating

Sagittarius has a lot of drive to make partnerships, but it’s very hard for them to stay put in one place for two long. It’s not that this dynamic sign isn’t loyal; it’s that they are just so curious about everything the world has to offer, they might not make their relationship their first priority. Because of this, the best match for Sagittarius is a person who has enough of a life outside the relationship to keep life interesting while Sagittarius is off on individual adventures.

Sadge’s partner needs to have a hearty physical constitution, too, or at least an interest in sports and games of all kinds. The other thing Sagittarius seeks in a partner is someone whose intellect is active, and who is interested in a wide variety of topics and talking points. Conversations with this wise but whacky person can meander along some surprising paths, so flexibility is another key to keeping Sadge happy. In return, the lucky partner gets the joy of the laughter and light that comes from simply knowing a Sagittarian.


This couple, should they decide to live together, shouldn’t keep too much glass around the house! Although they get along like the best of friends, neither of them is known for being delicate or patient. Just like the fragile objects that can be shattered when they’re exposed to the brusqueness of both these signs, so can the feelings of these two partners be fractured by mutual lack of consideration. As long as they can sustain the foundation of their friendship – a mutual desire to explore new horizons – they will be very happy. There can be explosive fights between these two, but at least most of the conflict will be out in the open. Both partners need lots of space and friends outside the relationship. The most striking positive in this partnership is the sex – the intense fire they conjure up will keep warm feelings flowing between them for a long time.


This couple could have some interesting times together. They would get along quite well as friends, but they might have some trouble seeing eye to eye when it comes to the demands of long-term partnership. The potential for trouble stems from the fact that Taurus is intent on staying on one place and Sagittarius has difficulty staying in one place for long. There must be enough give-and take between the two for them to be able to get their individual needs satisfied. If this couple can work hard enough to stay together, they will find that their differences will enrich each of them. Taurus will get up and go more places and learn new things, and Sagittarius will be able to establish a sense of security that brings new meaning to the words “coming home”. Sexually, Taurus will enjoy the wild ride Sagittarius gives so freely, while Sagittarius will be intrigued by Taurus’ ability to know what feels good and do something about it.


This is an easy match, one that seems to each of the partners like a comfortable pair of shoes. Both of these signs enjoy variety and outside stimulation, and both are secure enough to pursue outside interests without fear of betraying or losing their devotion to the relationship. Sagittarius takes Gemini’s ideas and makes them fit into a broad context of significance, while Gemini thinks through Sagittarius’ broad stroke concepts and shines light upon their relevance and usefulness. The two will never tire talking to one another, but once they discover how they can communicate on a sensual level, their sex life can provide a way for them to deepen their commitment and renew their energies.


These two signs see life in different ways, but with enough understanding, they can have a good relationship. Cancer needs to feel secure and spend a lot of time at home, while Sagittarius can never get enough in terms of exploring both the inner and outer world. Although these two people can balance one another’s natural tendencies, they’re likely to fight over which of them can change the other more completely. Another contentious issue between these two might arise from the way they approach getting things done. Cancer wants to take care of things right away, while Sagittarius prefers to put things off until they absolutely have to be done. Sexually, Sagittarius will have to become more sensitive than instincts and impulses might dictate, while Cancer will have to be open to experimentation.


The Lion and the Centaur are the best of friends, but to keep a lasting relationship going they must focus on their similarities and understand their differences. This duo must allow each other a lot of room for individual interests and achievement. When they’re together, they’ll enjoy raucous physical activity like team sports and marathon running. These two showoffs could use some adult supervision once in awhile, particularly when they fight. Most of the time, the disagreements will center on Sagittarius wanting Leo to come on an adventure that interferes with plans Leo’s already made. They’ll have to fight out a lot of little battles involving individual turf vs. “together time”, but once they do, the explosive sex that takes place when they make up is sure to melt away the tension.


The obvious differences between these once these two realize how much they have to give one another. For starters, they’re both tremendously adaptable, and this will be useful when they set out to do things together. Sagittarius moves fast and isn’t terribly concerned with whether a not a mess is left in the wake. Virgo is meticulous and will always try to create order out of chaos. What makes this work so well is their mutual admiration for traits they each could stand to develop. If they learn to work together, Virgo could emerge from the “all work and no play” mode of living and Sagittarius could be tamed long enough to appreciate the simple (but satisfying) things in life. And speaking of filling a person’s needs, these two would make a dynamic couple in bed. Sadge’s puppy dog style would be irresistible to Virgo, and the two could find many creative ways to express their appreciation.


These two will be attracted to one another because they both have a tremendous intellectual curiosity. Libra thinks through everything – including emotion, and Sagittarius is in constant motion, trying to learn more about everything there is to know. Endless conversation will be the keystone of this union. When there are fights, they might stem from the different ways they approach romance. Libra is the ultimate romantic, while Sagittarius never takes relationships too seriously. Both will find that maintaining their love is no joke, so they’ll need to pay attention to what they need to give to the relationship. In terms of sex, these two could get off more on their conversations than on physical contact, but it’s certain that their bodily union will be a consummation of a supreme meeting of the minds.


These two signs are very different, and they have to do a lot of work before they can meet on a heart level. Scorpio looks inward to the depths of the soul and savors transformation through psychological and spiritual development. Sagittarius is focused on the outside world and the wide panorama of possibilities that come from travel and education. Both seek knowledge and truth, but it comes from different directions. If they can successfully understand that each of them has a way of dealing with the world that is valid and valuable, they could learn a lot from each other. Fights could come over hurt feelings when Sagittarius becomes too brusque with Scorpio or Scorpio takes advantage of Sagittarius’ innocent openness. Sexually these two can impress one another physically, but they’ll have to both open up and trust one another before they can be joined at the heart.


These two will get along well as long as they’ve both developed the same kind of interests and they each go out of their way to invest time in the relationship. Neither will feel tied down by the relationship, but there will be times when they need someone to talk to. It would be best if they made it a point to at least be accessible by cell phone or e mail (instead of on the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro) at times like that. Of course, these two can go on countless adventures together, and enjoy hours of conversation. Then, when they come up for air, they can engage in some raucous, yet tender sexual exploits that would be a whole other kind of (delightful) adventure.


This is not the easiest combination, since Sagittarius wants to have a lot of freedom, and Capricorn is devoted to honoring responsibilities. In order for these two to create a harmonious relationship, they’ll have to work very hard to respect one another’s wishes. It’s interesting to note that these two have more to offer one another than they might perceive when they first meet. Sagittarius can open Capricorn up to a whole new world of experiences, and Capricorn can teach Sagittarius how to be organized. They might fight when one of them feels the other needs to make compromises, and mutual understanding won’t come easy. But there are ways that they can heal their rifts. Capricorn and Sagittarius both love comedy, and when they engage in an amusing repartee, the laughter that ensues will be loud and hearty. In bed, these two can also find that for an ‘Odd Couple’, they can create a lot of sexual fire.


This couple won’t find it easy to get along when they first meet, but they do share a lot of common interests that could help them develop a lasting relationship. Sagittarius and Aquarius both have a desire to reach out to the world around them. The difference is that Sagittarius takes life with a much less serious desire to change people than Aquarius does. Aquarians might have the reputation for being open-minded, but anyone who’s ever had an argument with one knows how hard they try to convert people to their point of view. Sagittarius is genuinely open-minded, and also has a very strong sense of justice. Fights could erupt when Aquarius thinks Sadge is being too simple-minded, or when Sagittarius is convinced Aquarius is being inflexible or unfair. At the very least, these two will have many stimulating discussions, and perhaps (if they can stop talking) they’ll leave enough time for some sensual satisfaction in the bedroom.


This can be a good relationship, as long as Sagittarius and Pisces are both willing to tolerate the parts of one another that they find difficult to admire. Sagittarius can be brusque and boisterous, while Pisces is delicate and refined. In some ways this couple can bring the best out in each other, but they can also become annoyed with what they perceive to be their partner’s shortcomings. It will be especially hard when these two try to interact with their friends as a couple. They might have a difficult time being themselves when they’re faced with making the compromises they need to sustain the relationship, and friends can contribute to the couple’s quibbling. In bed, Sagittarius will have to go slow with Pisces, and may be put off by what could be misinterpreted as Pisces’ coldness. If the couple can open up to one another, they’ll find that they have the purest hearts in the zodiac, and they can enhance their own lives through a vigorous sexual union.

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