Reasons Why You Don’t Have A Girlfriend

Progressing a connection from a series of dates into a relationship is not something that most people find easy to do. For many guys dating can seem like an endless possibility that never amounts to anything serious. If you find that your mates are all happily paired up, whilst you’re still looking for a girlfriend, there could be an obvious reason why girls don’t want to have fun with you.

1. You’re Too Casual

Your personal sense of style, dress and self-care says a lot about you. Whilst there is nothing wrong with adopting a casual look being too relaxed about your personal hygiene and dress code will create a negative impression. Girls are prone to checking out a guy’s appearance and are appreciative of good grooming and presentable style. Always wear clean clothes and shave off that manly stubble. Being too casual may make girls think that you have a lazy approach to most things, and she’ll assume this includes her.

2. You Love Yourself, A Little Too Much

If you’re a guy who loves to talk about himself there is a high probability that girls will not find your topic of conversation as interesting and riveting as you do. The reason you don’t have a girlfriend is that you are too self-obsessed. No matter how many achievements you have under your belt it is important to hold back on the bragging. Ask a girl about herself and actively listen to her answers, to show you’re interested in her. Keep your vanity in check by avoiding the temptation to check yourself out in any reflective surface or mirror. Your eyes should be focused on her.

3. You’re A Penny Pincher

Insisting that you go Dutch on a first date may seem the sensible thing to do – after all, you’re just getting to know each other – but this gives the impression that you’re less than generous. Never calculate how many drinks etc she has had and expect her to pay her for her share. Offering to pay on a date is an indication of your generosity and will make the girl feel appreciative and comfortable around you.

4. You Go Overboard With Gifts

If you’re a guy who is extravagant with gifts and shows up on a first date with a huge bouquet of roses, why you don’t have a girlfriend is plain for everyone to see. Lavishing treats and gifts on a girl you barely know is likely to make her feel embarrassed and/or suspicious of your intentions. Flashing your cash and buying her affection is never a good idea. Keep gifts subtle until she becomes your girlfriend.

5. You’re Mr Nice Guy

Although a girl wants a supportive and loving guy by her side she also wants to be with someone she can admire and respect. A guy who is too nice often lets himself be taken advantage of and becomes a doormat. It is likely that you don’t have a girlfriend because you are too accommodating and consider everyone else’s needs before your own. To be less forgettable stop being Mr Nice Guy, and start being yourself.

6. You’re Too Needy

Getting too close too quickly can intimidate and scare a girl off. Being too pushy, too controlling and too available are three common motives that prove your neediness is the reason why you don’t have a girlfriend. Keep your emotions in check and hold back from pushing for physical intimacy, if you want to progress a connection with a girl you’re interested in.

7. You’re Desperate

Desperately attempting to make a girl like you is a clear indication of why you don’t have a girlfriend. Trying too hard to get noticed or to win her affections isn’t doing you any favours. Resist the urge to accommodate all of her needs and to be someone you are not. Instead, it is important to be relaxed and to be yourself. Act naturally and let her decide whether or not she likes what she sees.

8. You Have The Problems Of The World

Moaning about your endless misfortunes is not an endearing trait that will win you the affections of a girlfriend. If you’re a guy who always feels hard done by the reason you don’t have a girlfriend is because you are hard-wired to only see the negative in life. Let go of the need to whine and burden girls with your problems and issues, and remember that a girlfriend is not a therapist.

9. Your Manners Are Less Than Impeccable

Being forgetful about the ‘little’ things like treating her with respect at all times, opening doors and leaving the toilet seat up can only be overlooked once or twice. If you’re a guy you quickly becomes too comfortable with a girl, and forgets to demonstrate good manners, you don’t have a girlfriend because your ‘habits’ are driving girls crazy. Pay attention to the detail if you want to show a girl that you’re serious about getting serious.

10. You Have A Roving Eye

Checking out other women when you’re in the company of a girl clearly shows her how little she means to you. Being perpetually distracted is the reason why you don’t have a girlfriend. If you’re serious about building rapport and establishing a connection put your focus simply on your girl.

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