How To Talk To A Girl You Like?

To talk to a girl you like all you have to do is be yourself. Being fake, overly sincere or too confident will make you seem pushy. You want her to appreciate and like you just the way you are, so don’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not.

If you’ve already been introduced to the girl your conversation will be a continuation. If this is the first time you will have to overcome your first impression nerves. If you’re anxious or nervous she will pick up on this vibe so try to stay calm and casual. Your confidence will grow as soon as you start talking.

Take It Slow

Girls feel more comfortable around someone who is polite, genuine and cheerful. When you talk to a girl you like smile warmly. Look into her eyes as you speak. Making and maintaining eye contact helps you to build rapport and a connection. Turn on the charm gradually. Getting friendly takes time so try not to get too flirty too quickly.

If you want her to like you in a romantic way you need to make sure that she warms to your persuasive nature. You don’t want her to put you in the ‘friend zone’ so a little bit of flirtatious banter will help her to see where your intentions lie. Get the right message across by paying her some appropriate genuine compliments. Compliment her on how attractive she looks. Be subtle but sincere.

Pay Attention

As the conversation starts to pick up the pace ask intelligent questions that are not too prying or personal. Talk about people or things that you know you have in common or focus on keeping the subject matter light. Open questions (that can’t be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’) are a good idea because you get to know a lot about someone even when you’re not asking deeply personal questions.

Be attentive and maintain eye contact. Pay attention to her answers because this will give you clues about what to ask next. It also shows her that you value her opinions and are interested in what she has to say. It’s ok to talk about random stuff but steer clear of controversial topics, politics, religion and sex. Keeping it light also gives you an opportunity to add appropriate humour.

If she likes your approach she will quickly tag a few questions of her own to the end of her replies. Follow her lead and open up the conversation further by asking her about herself. Be genuine in your responses. Don’t say her job sounds amazing if she has a boring job that she obviously hates. Listen for cues and watch her body language. How she communicates what she thinks of you is not only said in words.

Add Interest

Make the most of the fact that you have her attention by sharing common experiences. It’s a fact that we naturally bond with people who share our dislikes. Use this knowledge to your advantage by sharing your deeper thoughts. A girl will never tell you exactly what she wants or what she’s thinking but she will happily share a common experience.

Make her feel comfortable by telling her an embarrassing story that makes her laugh out loud. You can also make funny remarks and comments about your surroundings or things that she says. Observational humour is much more amusing and endearing than a joke. Once she’s laughing you’ll also be able to introduce playful teasing and some subtle flirting. Tell her she has a great laugh and that you’ll tell her your favourite jokes next time you meet. This will pique her interest and will make her wonder when that might be.

Girls are emotional creatures and relate best to people who evoke an emotional response from her. Talking about emotional topics like childhood, friendships, ambitions, passions and holidays will make her start feeling a connection with you even if your own experiences are very different to hers. When she feels connected she is more likely to appreciate how much of a good time she’s having with you.

Appreciate Her Company

Flatter her by saying you’ve really enjoyed her company. You’re not hitting on her so she’ll respond in a positive way. Now is the time to take it to the next level by saying: “I’ve really got to go now, but I’m going to… (insert your choice of venue here)…next week. Maybe we could go together.” Give her your number and assume she’d like to go.

Knowing how to talk to a girl means that you can confidently engage in conversation the next time you meet. In the meantime, notice how she’s having so much fun that she keeps making excuses to keep talking to you.

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