How To Talk To A Girl For The First Time?

Knowing how to talk to a girl for the first time isn’t something that you instinctively know. For most guys it’s usually a trial and error routine that requires plenty of patience and a thick skin.

Approaching someone you like is a scary prospect, no matter your age or life experience. When making the best possible first impression matters to you minimising your chances of failure is your major priority. Unless you’re willing to make the necessary approach you’ll never know just how great it could have been.

If a beautiful girl has caught your eye and you’re willing to summon up the courage to find out how to successfully talk to a girl for the first time, relax…

Here are your 6 simple steps to conversation success:

1. Eye To Eye Contact

Start by shooting her a few subtle gazes that catch her eye. As your eyes meet give her your best warm smile. This may make her blush, which is sign that she likes you. Look away after a second or two. When you’re ready to approach her pick up the eye contact again.

When you are mastering the techniques of knowing how to talk to a girl for the first time use eye contact to fill in any awkward silences. Smile often to make her feel relaxed.

2. Perfect Timing

Choose the perfect time for your approach by making sure she is not too distracted by other people or whatever she is doing. Give her a friendly “hi” and if you don’t already know each other introduce yourself, in a manner that feels comfortable and right for you. If you can walk and talk at the same time you’ll both naturally fall into a conversation rhythm that mirrors your walking pace.

3. Dish Out The Compliments

With a half smile, and some eye contact, pay her a genuine compliment. Don’t try too hard to come up with something witty and memorable. Just say it how it is. It’s best to avoid anything that’s too cheesy but variations on how great she looks are always well received.

The compliment will make your intentions pretty clear so avoid commenting on her anatomy. Telling her she has amazing eyes, a beautiful smile or gorgeous hair is perfectly acceptable. If you already know something about her compliment her on something you know she takes pride in. Perhaps she’s good at dancing, sports, music, writing or another activity.

When you’re paying compliments the aim is to simply confirm what she already knows, but in a way that tells her that you think she’s special.

4. Get In Your Groove

When you suddenly realise that you’re in the presence of the girl you really like and you somehow appear to know exactly how to talk to a girl for the first time, it is easy to momentarily lose your conversational balance. Get back in your groove by keeping the conversation going in a fun and friendly way.

There is no pressure to talk about everything under the sun. Even the occasional moment of silence is perfectly ok. Do ask a few open questions to get the flow of the conversation going again. Open questions encourage communication because she cannot rely on a “yes”, “no” or “maybe” reply. Ask her about things she is doing, likes and dislikes and anything that helps you find out more about her. If she’s relaxed and comfortable in your company she’ll add a few questions of her own.

5. Laugh It Up

If you can make a girl laugh you’ve automatically doubled your appeal in her eyes. Show her that you have an engaging and infectious sense of humour by telling her one of your best jokes. If joke telling isn’t your forte find the humour in your situation or environment. There is always something potentially amusing about to happen. You just have to know which direction to look in to find it.

Observational humour is more effective that standard joke telling because it will help her to connect the experience of the joke with you. She will remember the shared experience long after she has forgotten your favourite joke. Good humour is an attractive quality, so make sure you show her that you know how to have a good time.

6. Wrap It Up

Just as you’re both getting cosy and comfortable with each other tell her you have to go. Ask her if you can have her number – girls value old-fashioned chivalry and manners. Leave her wanting more by politely ending the conversation before you both run out of things to say. She’ll be left with a smile on her face, as you confidently make your exit.

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