How To Subtly Flirt With A Girl?

Flirting is fun and can be subtle and seductive or far more sexual and direct. It is the language we use to convey our interest in someone we are attracted to and is used alongside body language.

The way in which you flirt is influenced by your personality. If you are polite, sincere and approachable your natural flirting style will be far more subtle than someone who has a more boldly confident and out-spoken personality. Once you explore the basic flirting styles how to subtly flirt with a girl will become more obvious to you.

There are five basic flirting styles. Which one is yours?

Polite Flirting

If you’re well mannered, friendly and polite this is likely to be your natural flirting style. The polite flirt keeps things subtle by making sure there is no sexual innuendo involved.

Playful Flirting

This style often doesn’t have anything to do with romance. Playful flirting is all about having fun. Romance and lust doesn’t have to come into the equation for the playful flirter to have a good time.

Sincere Flirting

If you’re interested in making an intense emotional connection the sincere flirting technique is the one for you. Sincere flirters naturally know how to easily connect with people on a deeper level.

Traditional Flirting

If you’re an old-fashioned guy at heart you appreciate the traditional gender roles, where the guy plays the dominant role and the girl is a little more passive. Traditional flirters like to take their time over getting to know someone so don’t except a speedy flirting connection.

Physical Flirting

It’s all about chemistry with a physical flirter. These people love to show off their sensuality and sexual interest through the expressive use of body language.

Why You Should Flirt

Flirting is a combination of biological and cultural responses mixed up with our own individual desire to communicate sexual interest. Flirting sends out the signal of attraction to test if it’s reciprocated. As two people start to flirt they become involved in the getting-to-know-you process, which also includes a compatibility assessment. The more subtle the flirting, the more comfortable and relaxed the whole process becomes.

How To Get It Right

When you understand how to subtly flirt with a girl you’ll appreciate why coming on too strong is an instant turn-off for most girls. Good flirting requires equal measures of sensitivity and tact and many guys just get this wrong. Paying attention to how other people flirt will teach you how to adjust and tweak your flirting technique so that it becomes aligned to the flirting style of the person you’re flirting with. Mastering the art of the subtle flirt means you’ll receive exactly the kind of flirt response you were hoping for.

Use Body Language

When you want to communicate on any level you need to use body language effectively. Whether you want to draw someone’s gaze towards you or subtly alter the mood of the conversation use body language to control and persuade with confidence.

Subtly flirting with a girl involves lots of direct eye contact, smiling and the mimicking of her body language. Subtly mirroring someone’s expressions, gestures and body language makes them feel relaxed in your company. When you’ve mastered the art of the subtle flirt these movements will be so effortless and seamless that she’ll be convinced that you’re perfectly in tune with each other.

What To Do:

• Make eye contact for a few seconds and then look away.

• Smile and look into her eyes.

• Mirror her body language. Touch your face when she touches her face; take a sip of your drink when she sips hers; copy her actions in a relaxed and casual way.

• Take the nonverbal communication further by introducing some soft and playful touching. Respectfully touch her arm, shoulder or cheek with a gentle brush of your hand.

• Keep the conversation light and let your wit win her over. Tell a few jokes to see if she shares your sense of humour.

Be Interested

If you want her to get interested in you being interested in what she has to say is your starting point. Don’t fake interest and don’t play coy.

Pay attention to what she is saying but keep your interest subtle. You don’t want to freak her out by coming on too strong.

Concentrate on making her laugh as this is the quickest way to maintain and increase her interest in you.

Show Your Masculinity

Although the majority of your flirting techniques will be subtle there is one key thing that you need to turn up the amplifier on – your masculinity. A girl instinctively seeks to attract the attention of a protector, someone who makes her feel comfortable and safe but also complements her own femininity. When you’re subtly flirting with a girl casually lean back in your chair and put your hands behind your head. This movement will bring your chest forward and help to convey a sign of dominance. She’ll instinctively feel comfortable and safe around you.

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