How To Make Him Want You Back

It is highly probable that you will experience a relationship break-up at some point in your life. Some relationships come to a natural, mutually agreeable end, and you both move on to your next experience. Other times a relationship falls apart because one person no longer feels anything for their partner. If you want to know how to make him want you back it is likely that you haven’t learned from the relationship experience, and therefore for you it isn’t over till it’s over.

If you are sure that you have something to gain from winning him back learning a few simple techniques, and improving yourself, will help you figure out how to make him want you back. If you simply miss a guy’s attention give yourself a reality check and start living your life.

Keep Your Distance

Establishing the no contact rule is a quick and easy way to get a guy to see the mistake he has made in letting you go. Demonstrating your independence by not texting, calling, emailing or conveniently being somewhere he will be, shows that you’re busy getting on with your life. Maintaining contact, on the other hand, clearly shows him that he is still very much in your thoughts, which means he is going to make no effort. Be elusive if you want to pique his interest.

Take Pride In Yourself

Take time to work on your physical appearance, if you want to know how to make him want you back. If there is something you would like to change about yourself use this opportunity to make some positive changes just for you. Change your hairstyle, buy some new clothes, tone up at the gym and generally improve how you look and feel about yourself. The next time he sees you he won’t be able to get you out of his mind, and he’ll be wondering why he foolishly made the decision to break up with you.

Be Footloose And Fancy Free

Assuming that you are Facebook ‘friends’ with your ex use your account to let him, and the world know, that you are having so much fun! Change your status, upload photos of you enjoying your busy social life and engage in flirty banter with everyone but him. Don’t ‘unfriend’ him, as this will show that you’re still hung up on him. Instead get busy having a good time.

Re-establish Your Connection

Once you’re feeling good about yourself again, after the relationship break-up, there will naturally come a time when it feels right to re-establish the connection between you. When you know how to make him want you back you don’t have to make quite as much effort as you did the first time around. Send him a friendly text message to break the ice. Once you begin talking again you can use your new techniques to push his emotional hot buttons and to get him fired up about wanting to be around you.

Make Him Jealous

Making him feel jealous is only effective if it is done without childish or malicious intent. When you’re focused on you, and you are out having a good time with friends, it is easy to show your ex what he is missing out on. When it comes to making him jealous how to make him want you back doesn’t require any strategic planning and contrived scenarios. All you have to do is casually bump into him whilst you are out with your friends. Go to places you know he likes to hang out and have fun. To get your ex crazy for you be fun and flirty with your male friends.

Be Spontaneous

If you and your ex have mutual friends organise a party or a get together and invite some of his close friends. Invite your old friends, some new friends, your work colleagues and everyone but your ex. Enjoy the spontaneity of the moment and have fun. Your ex is very likely to find out about your party plans so let him think about all that he’s missing out on.

Play It Cool

How to make him want you back requires you to show your ex how great your life is without him. Playing it cool means that you simply get on with things that improve your mind, body and spirit. Once you have re-established your connection you can work towards meeting up to talk about things in person. Use this opportunity to show your ex how amazing you are. Choose your outfit with care, so that you look your best. Wear his favourite perfume and be flirty and friendly. Casually talking about one of his single male friends will make him take decisive action.

If he is fool enough to pass up this opportunity to get closer to you again perhaps there isn’t anything else to learn from this relationship after all.

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