How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time?

Unless you happen to be a master of seduction there will be moments in your life when you meet a beautiful girl and you will wonder how to kiss a girl for the first time.

Kissing is the most intimate experience you can share with another person (FACT – yes, even more intimate than sex). Naturally you want to be thought of as a great kisser, but knowing how and when to kiss the girl of your dreams requires careful consideration.

1. Be Prepared

The best kind of kissing is a spontaneous affair so it pays to always be prepared. If your oral hygiene habits leave a lot to be desired give your dental care routine an upgrade. Make sure your teeth are always clean and flossed. If you have the opportunity to carry a travel toothbrush around take advantage of it. Freshen your breath with mouthwash. Pop a few mints or a piece of minty gum during the day.

Don’t forget to check your lips are perfectly kissable. The best kisses feel soft and smooth so apply a lick of lip balm to soothe and soften those dry lips.

2. Plan Your Action

To ensure she is in the mood for kissing it is important to engage in a little playful teasing and flirting. Tempt her with some soft and gentle touching. Hug her affectionately and then playfully kiss her cheek. Building up the sexual tension will make her more responsive to your spontaneous advances.

3. Consider Your Kiss

The perfect kiss is spontaneous and breath taking. It’s what every guy aims for and every girl hopes for. The reality is it doesn’t always happen that way. Use the situation you have and create the ideal spontaneous moment. Hold her tight and pull her towards you. Tease her by softly brushing your lips against hers. Linger for a brief moment and then kiss her.

Give her a moment to reciprocate. You can intensify the experience by kissing her passionately as you both enjoy the prolonged moment. How to kiss a girl for the first time very much depends on the situation and moment, but if you trust you’ll know exactly when the time is right you’ll never get it wrong.

4. Where Do The Other Bits Go?

Don’t rush the kiss. Concentrate on her soft and supple lips before you take things further. Use your tongue to tactfully explore her mouth. Never shove it down her throat in an aggressive manner. You can use your tongue and teeth on her lips. Gently nibble or suck on her lips to make them swell and redden with passion.

Keep her body pulled in close to yours. You can move one hand to the nape of her neck for support, so that she’s comfortable with the extended lip lock. Alternatively you can caress her face tenderly. Using your hands helps to increase the intimacy, but don’t get too touchy feely. Avoid moving your hands all over her body as she will find this is too distracting.

5. Come Up For Air

Remember to pause for breath. Know your limits and take a momentary break from the kissing. Chances are you’ll both be smiling so it’s a good idea to add some intimate eye contact too.

6. Keep It Comfortable

If you’re perfectly in tune with each other your first kiss will seem like a miraculous moment that you won’t be able to believe just happened. Sometimes though a first kiss can be a bit awkward and a little embarrassing. Bumping heads, crashing noses and a poor aim are just a few of the normal kissing mishaps that most couples experience during the first kiss.

Too much tongue, or no tongue at all, are not particularly nice to experience so make sure you have the balance right. It’s ok to get passionate but don’t be too sloppy about it. Messy wet kisses are a passion killer.

It helps to accept that when you’re wondering how to kiss a girl for the first time you may have to anticipate a potential disaster. Keep things light so that neither of you feel any pressure. It’s ok to share a joke and a laugh. In fact adding a touch of humour often makes a situation feel less awkward, so keep that in mind as you lunge for her lips.

7. Close Your Eyes And Make A Wish

Kisses are mostly unpredictable, which is partly why they are also so pleasurable. If you’ve experienced the reciprocal kiss and tangled your tongues you are entitled to close your eyes and keep on kissing. You’ve also discovered how to kiss a girl for the first time!

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