10 Easy But Important Tips on How To Get The Man You Want

Although men may think they do most of the work, when it comes to flirting and getting to know someone, the reality is that females do most of the instigating. Women often use manipulative techniques to create the impression of ‘coincidence’, ‘chance’, ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ because they know the secrets of how to get the man you want.

If you’re a woman who has experienced unrequited love and romance that quickly fizzles out, and you want to know how to get the man you want, its time to get acquainted with the following 10 simple steps to success.

1. Be Yourself

Pretending to be someone you are not, just because you think this persona will interest the man to want to get to know, is never a good idea. Being inauthentic and fake gets you noticed for all the wrong reasons. This is not how to get the man you want to notice and like you. At best he’ll be mildly amused by your efforts. At worst your deceit will backfire on you.

Be proud of who you are and be yourself. Learn to see the positives in your perceived flaws. Instead of thinking your shyness is a negative trait choose to see it as a demure quality, which is attractive to many men. When you are yourself you naturally attract people who find your looks, personality and authenticity attractive and appealing.

2. Look Your Best

Always look your best, not just for the man you want but also for yourself. Looking your best has a positive impact on your confidence and assertiveness. When you’re well groomed you are also more approachable and attractive to others.

Looking your best also shows that you’re comfortable being yourself. Being independent, showing your individuality and uniqueness and having your own thoughts, dreams and goals draws men towards you.

3. Be Subtle

Flirting should be fun, but to do it correctly it should also be subtle. When you know how to get the man you want you can take your time and use subtle techniques to catch his eye and to spark his interest.

4. Eye Contact

Increase his interest in you by using eye contact. If you’re standing across a crowded room let him know you’ve noticed him by maintaining eye contact for a few seconds longer than usual, then look away and continue doing whatever you’re doing. After a while repeat the look. By the third time he’ll be walking across the room to introduce himself!

If you’re already talking to the man you want use eye contact to establish interest and to show intent. Use subtle eye to lips eye contact to take your flirting to another level.

5. Name Drop

When you know how to get the man you want you know that he needs to feel special. Use his name, every now and then in conversation, to make him feel comfortable in your company.

Ask open questions to keep the conversation flowing. Pay attention to his replies so that you don’t miss any opportunity to flirt back or move the connection further. When you say his name always give him your best smile.

6. Flatter His Ego

Men love to be complimented too. Be genuine with your compliments and flatter his ego by telling him you love what he’s wearing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking compliments are only given for visual things. Tell him you admire his thinking/opinion/viewpoint/ideas/work/hobbies and anything else that shows him you are interested in all aspects of him, and not just the way he looks.

7. Check Your Body Language

Women have a tendency to display interest in someone through their obvious body language. Hair twirling, lip licking and exposing the neck are clear signs of flirtation that no man can miss. If you really want to know how to get the man you want it is important to understand why being subtle gets him even more interested in you.

Instead of being obvious and laughing at all of his jokes, whilst playing with your hair and suggestively licking your lips, try mirroring his body language. Get physically closer as he shares a story with you. Touch his arm gently as you ask him a question. Lean in closer and whisper into his ear, as you playfully tease him. Your subtly will catch him off guard and will make him take notice.

8. Take An Interest

Don’t pretend to be interested in everything he has to say if you’re not genuinely interested. No matter how dull or boring his work may be to you he is likely to have other interesting things share with you. Make it your mission to find out interesting things about him. If it helps introduce a playful 20 Questions game so that you can take it in turns.

9. Test A Command

Men love women who have the confidence to get what they want. They like to be stimulated and challenged because it increases the thrill of the chase. To test a command you need to find an opportunity. Wait for him to say something like: “I really want to…” Cheekily say you’ve always wanted to know how to do (whatever he has just suggested) and allow him to accept the command and invite you along.

10. Dazzle And Leave

To make the most positive and lasting impression it is important to dazzle the man you want and leave him wanting more. Tell him you’ve loved spending time with him but you really must go. Smile warmly, as you briefly touch his arm. The man you want will now be wanting to see you again very soon.

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