How To Flirt With A Shy Guy

Flirting with a guy who is shy requires sensitivity and compassion. Not every guy you meet is confident and in control of his feelings and emotions. A shy guy lacks self-confidence and appreciates a girl who is willing to make a little more effort to get to know him. When you learn how to flirt with a shy guy you’ll be the great girl who every shy guy wants to get to know!

Be Approachable

A guy who is shy likes a girl to sweet and friendly with him. This means being a little coy and gentle with your approach. Take the initiative and start a conversation with the shy guy you are interested in getting to know. You don’t have to make all of the moves, but you do have to demonstrate that you are open to his approach.

Shy guys fear rejection more than other guys and this impacts on their confidence around girls. Show that you are not a threat and allow him to gradually gain his confidence around you.

Use Body Language

Body language is a subtle demonstration of how you feel about someone. When you meet a shy guy you like it is easy to let body language to do most of the communication for you. Use eye contact to let a shy guy know that you like him and want to get to know him better. Many shy guys, and girls, find maintaining eye contact difficult so it is important to be patient.

Subtle touching of his arm, whilst you engage him in fun, friendly and flirty conversation, will make him feel comfortable in your company. Give him time to respond to your body language and flirting, so that you know for sure how he feels about you.

Take Control

With a shy guy a girl has to be willing to take the lead more often. This may mean you are in charge of suggesting dates, and perhaps also in taking the initiative when it comes to that first kiss.

There is a fine line between taking charge and coming on too strong. How to flirt with a shy guy requires you to be subtle in your approach so that you don’t scare him away. Take the initiative, but give him an opportunity to follow your lead.

Give Him Space To Be Himself

Suggest activities that give him an opportunity to be totally confident. If he plays sport encourage him and tag along to his next match or event. If he’s great at fixing things ask for his help and observe him in his element. When this shy guy has confidence in his ability to do something you will see his true personality shine. When he feels good about himself he’ll also feel empowered to take more initiative and control in other areas of his life, and this includes you.

Compliment Him

Everyone loves to be complimented and a shy guy is no different to any other man. Notice something about him that you really like and pay him a genuine compliment. Build up his self-esteem and confidence by telling him that you admire his intelligence and uniqueness, and that you love his sense of humour/style/vintage record collection or whatever it is that makes him different. When you show him that you appreciate him for being himself you may be surprised to discover that he is comfortable showing off a bit for you.

Ask Open Questions

Always use open questions when you are communicating and flirting with a guy. Open questions cannot be answered with a basic “yes”, “no” or “maybe” reply. These questions require a considered response that gives a shy guy an opportunity to talk about himself in a way that he is comfortable with. Instead of saying “Do you love your job?” say something like: “How did you end up in such an interesting job? What special training did you have to do?”

Getting a shy guy to talk about himself will help him open up and he’ll quickly be inspired to ask you open questions in return.

Find Common Ground

A shy guy may be interested in you, but be too petrified to make the first move. Finding common interest is easy when you know how to flirt with a shy guy. Talk about food, TV, films, music, hobbies and other fun activities. You’ll quickly bond over things that you like and dislike and he will feel comfortable in your presence.

Show Your Interest

Once you’ve discovered your common ground gauge his interest in you by suggesting that you do an activity together. If you both love Italian food you can suggest that together you go and try out the new Italian restaurant that has just opened up. If you share a passion for foreign cinema or adventure films suggest that you check out the latest movie release together. His response to your flirty invitation will leave you in no doubt about whether or not he is interested in you.

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