How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text?

Texting is an integral part of modern communication and we use every day. It has become the preferred communication method for many people and it even has its own language – txt spk. Confident texters know how to flirt with a girl over text and how to use this technological shorthand to their advantage.

Fortunately we can all move with the times. Text flirting, and the more suggestive sexting, are communication techniques that are quick and easy to learn.

The Text Chat Starter

Your ideal text opener really depends on how well you know this girl. If you’ve only just met and your aim is to ask her out on a date your approach will be different to the one you would use if you were already spending time with her.

Assuming you’ve yet to get to the hot date your perfect text chat starter should be light and fun, but it should also pique her interest. Flirting via text is really no different to person-to-person. The only difference is you have time on your side to think about what you want to send before you text it.

Send her a text compliment. Make a statement but finish it with a question, so that you can invite her into the conversation. Something like: “I can’t stop thinking about how great you looked last night. When are you next going to wear that dress?” ticks all the boxes.

Texting is all about continuing previous communication, so once you’ve broken the ice you’ll easily establish a texting pattern.

Made It Fun

Flirting is a two-way exchange, which is fun if you do it right. Texting has an advantage over face-to-face conversation. It allows you think about what you want to say before you type it and send it. This means there is no excuse for sloppy and lazy flirting. You have time on your side so you can easily compose fun texts that keep the chat flowing back and forth.

Send Texts That Arouse A Response

As with all forms of communication it’s important to time your texts and to respond appropriately. To successfully flirt with a girl over text you should compose your text so that you send open questions and messages that always illicit a response. If you send a text that says: “Hope you’re having a nice day!” there is a good chance she won’t bother responding because you haven’t invited her into the conversation. Always ask a question if you want a reply.

If you want to be on her mind send her a text first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You’ll be in her thoughts all day long.

Have A Text Goal

Anyone who knows how to flirt with a girl over text understands the importance of setting a text goal. Unless you have a text goal you can easily get into a text chat that leads nowhere. If you’re texting a girl, that you’re interested in getting to know, getting her to agree to go on a date with you is an excellent text goal.

As with a face-to-face flirting start your text messages with a friendly “Hi” and work on building rapport. Send a flirty text and let sexual tension build gradually. To explore her boundaries your flirty texts should be friendly, fun and suggestive without being crude, rude and too blatantly sexual. If she doesn’t respond to a flirty text you may have pushed her boundaries so take your time reaching your goal.

Ask her on a date as soon as she laughs (LOL) at your text. Or alternatively if she expresses interest in something you have said you are doing – “I was thinking of going to see (insert your favourite band/movie etc)” – invite her along.

Don’t Overdo It

It’s very easy to send too many text messages. When you’re caught up in text flow you can rack up a substantial amount of text messages before you even realise. Texting back and forth is very much like casual banter and follows a rhythm. Occasionally you may experience an abrupt end to a text chat (when the other person decides to not respond to a text straight away) and this may cause you to send even more texts! Avoid sending the “Did you get my text?” text.

When you know how to flirt with a girl over text you appreciate that you need to consider timing and space. It’s important to give her time to think about the previous messages. Bombarding her with 20 to 30 texts a day is just not cool.

Have A Cut Off Text Message

To stop you getting carried away always use an obvious cut off text to end the texting session. Something simple like: “Bye for now. Be back tomorrow” (or in text speak: B4N BBT). Or “Off to bed. …Thinking of you!” ☺

How Not To Flirt With A Girl Over Text:

• Avoid txt spk whenever possible. Girls appreciate proper spelling and punctuation.

• Don’t send her more than 20 texts a day, ever.

• Don’t text back and forth and then go quiet on her. It’s not cool to make her wait for a response. Use your cut off text if you don’t want to carry on texting.

• One wink and one smiley is plenty.

• Don’t text nude photos. That is NOT flirting.

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