How To Flirt With A Co-worker

Flirting with a co-worker or colleague has as many advantages and benefits as it has risks and disadvantages. How to flirt with a co-worker really depends on the work that you do, how emotionally stable you are and how much you value your employment.

The Essential Reality Check

Before you figure out how to flirt with a co-worker it is important that you give yourself a reality check.

An office flirtation can put a spring in your step, instantly brighten up your day and make you actually look forward to going into work. When the object of your infatuation is positively responding to your subtle signals and flirtatious invitation you feel on top of the world. When they fail to notice your interest, are unresponsive or simply move on to flirting with someone else at work you will be devastated.

Giving yourself a reality check means that you should consider your emotional stability before trying to figure out how to flirt with a co-worker. If you’re generally a happy-go-lucky person and can easily move on from rejection, a little flirtation at work is not a bad thing. If on the other hand, you’re the type of person who goes into emotional meltdown as soon as your romantic life hits a few hitches, co-worker flirting is best avoided.

Flirting In The Workplace

How to flirt with a co-worker is often influenced by opportunity. If you work in a large office environment there is likely to be less opportunity to ‘accidentally’ find yourself in close proximity to the object of your infatuation, than if you’re coworkers in a small store.

Flirtation in the workplace can actually increase productivity! When workers are happy in their environment they tend to put more effort into what they are doing, even if they also spend their time trying to find flirting opportunities.

Naturally flirtatious people have an advantage because they can easily engage in flirty behaviour with anyone and everyone. This makes both parties feel good and there is no pressure involved in taking the flirting any further. When you are flirting with just one co-worker make sure they realise what your intention is.

Intention Or Boredom?

Men flirt with a sexual outcome in mind or because they are simply bored. Women, on the other hand, mostly flirt for the enjoyment. If you want to know how to flirt effectively with a co-worker, because you’re interested in getting to know this person romantically, it is important that you make sure your flirting intention is clear. Coming to the realisation, after weeks of flirting, that the person you are interested in just thought you were messing about out of boredom is likely to make you feel even more rejected than if they simply weren’t interested in you.

How To Flirt With A Co-worker:

Depending on your work environment and opportunity available the basic flirting steps are the same as in any potential romantic/dating situation.

• Be yourself and let your warm and friendly personality shine.

• Seize the opportunity by introducing flirtatious compliments and comments, and wait for a response.

• If he/she flirts back play it cool. Let the flirting happen naturally.

As you start to look for distractions, and more and more opportunities to engage your flirting partner in conversation, pay attention to the body language signals they reflect back to you. Watch for hair twirling and lip licking (that women favour) or typical masculine displays of interest like intimate touch and increased direct eye contact.

Assuming you are both single and interested in taking the flirting a little further gradually build the connection by paying genuine compliments, sharing stories and increasing mutual interest. You will eventually arrive at the point where you can both decide if you want to go on a date.

If one, or both of you, is attached be realistic about where this flirting is going. Flirting with a co-worker out of boredom is one thing. Carelessly creating an emotional situation is another matter that is always best avoided.

The Disadvantages And Risks

Flirtation between co-workers is welcomed in some workplaces but not in others. It can be distracting, offensive and inappropriate. If you are flirting with a married or attached co-worker you have even more potential issues to consider.

Your professional reputation is also at risk if your flirtatious behaviour becomes too obvious. Not everyone at work will share your happy-go-lucky attitude, so make sure your flirting is subtle to avoid being the subject of office gossip.

If you’re considering flirting with a co-worker, you need to ask yourself if the benefits of having flirty fun at work are really worth the risk of losing your reputation and job.

Flirting with a co-worker can also be a negative experience if rejection is involved. It is easy to fall for someone you see, and flirt with, every day. They, however, may only be interested in flirting distraction and not in forming any type of emotional connection with you.

The Advantages And Benefits

Flirting is fun and makes you feel good about yourself. If you naturally flirt with anyone there are many benefits to your wellbeing and to the positive outlook you have to your work. If you’re flirting with just one co-worker your advantage is that you are spending considerable time in their company, and can get to know them at a slow and steady pace.

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