How To Flirt On Tinder And Get More Dates?

Tinder, and other mobile dating apps, have revolutionised the way in which many people approach dating today. How to flirt on Tinder really depends on your dating requirements and expectations and how fast you want to get things going.

What Is Tinder?

Tinder is an instant response app that allows you to swipe through 100s of potential flirt mates and dates on your mobile device. You simply load up your personal profile details and dating expectations and away you go. Because of its instant accessibility Tinder has become very popular with people who previously never considered online dating.

How To Find A Date On Tinder

There are a lot of guys and girls on Tinder all waiting to be noticed. How to flirt on Tinder with success requires you to put in a bit of effort when you’re creating your unique profile.

To create your Tinder flirting profile:

1. Choose Your Profile Image

Since Tinder is primarily a photo-based app it is essential that your profile pictures are distinctive and eye-catching. Unless you can make an instant visual impact, with your chosen profile image, it’s very likely you’ll just be ignored and swiped away.

If you want to know how to flirt on Tinder choose at least three good photographs. Your profile photographs will do a lot of the flirting work for you. Bear in mind that girls swipe faster than guys so choose your images with careful consideration. Make your best pic your profile image. This should be a smiling face shot, without sunglasses.

Next choose two photos that show your physical stature and interests. Consider a photo of you with some reference point. Guys are particular picky about seeing a full-length body pic. Your last photograph can highlight any interest or hobby that you have, or can just be you on holiday. This photo is the one that is most likely to inspire someone to come up with an original chat-up line.

2. Add Your Personal Details

There’s a time and a place for being mysterious and Tinder isn’t it. Don’t be tempted to leave you bio details section empty as the information you provide on here may well be what someone uses in order to initiate contact.

Be yourself, but also try to be a little different. Standing out from the crowd is what will really get you noticed. Avoid listing clichés! Most of the population love music and good food so make your information more original and unique. Be honest and avoid exaggerations.

Increase Your Flirting Opportunities

Linking your Tinder and Facebook profiles instantly increases your flirting opportunities because you can connect with other Tinder app users nearby. You can add Likes that display your interest in particular types of music, movies, books and other common interests. Anyone checking you out will be able to see your likes and dislikes and what you potentially have in common.

Tinder Expectations

If you have plenty of enthusiasm and time on your hands how to flirt on Tinder will be easy and fun to do. Once you’ve set up your personal profile you can sit back and see who’s checking you out, whilst you enjoy an ego boost. Or you can indulge in some serious swiping and flirting of your own.

It’s important to have realistic expectations of what you hope to achieve by flirting on the dating app. If you’re looking for a casual dating encounter you’re likely to be spoilt for choice. If you’re hoping to find Mr or Ms Right though you may be disappointed. Although there is wide instant access date appeal, Tinder is mostly popular with individuals who just want to have some adult fun.

You Have A Match!

When you’ve shown interest in someone who’s shown interest in you, you have a Match! This means you can start a flirty conversation.

Tinder chats are rarely deep and meaningful so expect some cheesy chat-up lines and standard flirty comments and some rude and crude remarks. If you’re lucky to get a message that is a little more original and creative make a bit of effort with your response.

If you want to start a flirty conversation mention something interesting from the person’s bio or photos that have caught your eye. Something fun, friendly and a little bit flirty will easily get you a response from the person you’re interested in getting to know. Try not to use scripted lines you have previously used on other dating profiles or standard chat-up lines that you use on everyone. Think of something that demonstrates you have genuine interest in getting to know this person.

Avoid exaggerating, just because you want to sound more interesting. If your chat develops and you arrange to hook-up he/she will be disappointed to discover the obvious truth.

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