How To Flirt At The Gym

If you’re free and single the gym is a perfect place to meet and hook up with body beautiful guys and girls looking for the same thing as you. As with most dating opportunities if you want to achieve flirting success a clear understanding of the general rules of gym flirting etiquette is required.

If you want to know how to flirt at the gym use our Do’s and Don’ts guide to master a few simple techniques you can use the next time you’re getting hot and sweaty in front of buff guys and girls.

In the gym


• Show initiative. Guys are usually expected to make the first move so showing initiative, as a girl, is always appreciated. When you know how to flirt at the gym you’ll be able to confidently strike up some friendly banter with anyone you’re interested in getting to know. Take advantage of the opportunity that is presented and talk about the gym environment. Make sure that you’re not interrupting a gym bunny’s fitness routine before you embark on your best flirting techniques. You’ll quickly spot a potential flirting partner if you use the gym’s oversized wall mirrors to check out the competition between your circuits.

• Make a move by suggesting a little friendly fitness competition. If you’re in the gym and someone hot is using the equipment next to you challenge him/her to a short race. The Loser gets to buy the protein shakes after your workout!

• Compliment the hot guy/girl’s choice of trendy sportswear. Flattery is a great ice-breaker and gives you an opportunity to ask all sorts of questions. Ask for recommendations and advice and let the conversation naturally open up. Once you find common ground you’ll easily be able to introduce some flirty banter to move things forward.

• Take a class. Not everyone goes to the gym to bulk up on weights. Classes give you an opportunity to get to know someone without interrupting their workout. When you know how to flirt at the gym you’ll quickly increase your chances of flirting situations and success by choosing classes that are predominantly attended by the opposite sex. Guys should consider Yoga or Pilates, whilst girls should sign up for CrossFit and Spin classes.


• Stare. Staring is considered rude and unacceptable, particularly when your gaze is focused on a Lycra clad body. By all means look and appreciate the beautiful fit bodies but don’t let your look linger for too long. Avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable.

• Offer inappropriate assistance. Even if you have professional training and qualifications to prove it, do not offer to help a guy/girl stretch out their hamstrings after a workout. Your suggestion will sound creepy, no matter how genuine your intention and offer is.

Using The Gym Equipment


• Choose your moment and use the gym environment to your advantage when striking up flirty conversation. Break the ice by talking about the song blasting out of the speakers, ask about a class you are considering signing up for or comment on the latest fitness fads or fashions. How to flirt at the gym is easy when you make the best of the opportunities available to you.

• Ask for help. Make a genuine request and ask the attractive stranger, who has caught your eye, to show you how to use a particular fitness machine or piece of equipment. Use this as an introduction you can build on during subsequent gym sessions.


• Start a conversation with the guy/girl who is running at top speed on the treadmill next to you. Chances are this gym bunny is serious about their fitness so your conversation starter will be an annoyance they would rather do without. Instead wait until they have finished their workout and have slowed down to cool down. Break the ice by saying something as simple as: “That was an impressive sprint you had going on there.”

• Grunt for attention. Although demonstrating physical exertion may make the hot guy/girl look your way, they are likely to be looking just to see who’s desperate for attention.

After The Workout


• Make an offer. If you’re standing in line behind an attractive guy or girl in the coffee shop wait until they place their order and tell the cashier you’ll have the same. This cheeky comment will instantly break the ice, and when you offer to pay the conversation will keep flowing.


• Hang around outside the changing rooms waiting for an ‘opportunity’ to accidentally bump into the hot bod you’ve been eyeing up for the last hour. If you didn’t take the opportunity to engage in friendly and flirty banter before or during your workout there is always the next gym session to take full advantage of.

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