How To Ask Your Friend To Be Your Girlfriend

If you have a special relationship with a girl and have decided that you want to ask her to be your girlfriend there are a number of things you should consider before making a move. How to ask your friend to be your girlfriend will very much depend on the level of intimate connection you presently have, what your desired outcome is and whether or not you can handle being just a friend if she says “no, thanks”.

Falling for a friend you value and appreciate is a normal occurrence. Where many guys, and girls for that matter, go wrong is in having unrealistic expectations. It is not always possible to turn an amazing friendship into a meaningful and committed romantic relationship.

If you are sure about your intention and you feel your best girl friend is the One for you, how to ask your friend to be your girlfriend is easy when you follow these steps:

• Be Optimistic

You have a huge advantage over any other man who may be interested in getting to know your friend. She already accepts you for who you are, loves your personality and enjoys your company. If you’ve been habouring thoughts about how to ask your friend to be your girlfriend for some time there’s a pretty good chance that she’s already read the signs, so your declaration may not be a complete surprise.

Be optimistic in your approach and be open and honest about your feelings. Stop acting like her friend and start treating her like a girl you have romantic interest in. Be flirty and attentive, and a bit more protective towards her. If she is open to changing the dynamics of your relationship she will be responsive in a positive way.

• Be Honest

Turning a friendship into a relationship requires honesty and patience. It is important to tell your friend how you feel about her and what you would like your connection to become. Being honest with her will give her an opportunity to express her own genuine feelings.

She may be concerned that she will lose your valued friendship if you become romantically involved and things don’t work out. Give her time to figure out what is best for her. In her eyes, a true friendship that lasts a lifetime may not be worth sacrificing for a moment of passion.

• Be Complimentary

Girls like to receive genuine compliments that show how much you value and appreciate them. Your friend is no different to most females. Make a concerted effort to view her in a romantic way from now on. Compliment her on things that mean something to her, and not just on her looks and appearance.

As a trusted friend you have insider knowledge about the things that she values and are important to her. Show her how well you know her by paying attention to the little details. Girls are ultimately looking for the guy who knows what makes them tick so use your friendship as an advantage.

• Spend More Time Together

Before you make your declaration of romantic intention make an effort to spend more time together. This will give you an opportunity to double check that you are making the right decision in taking steps to change the dynamics of your friendship.

Take her out for a romantic meal or to an activity you are both interested in. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or elaborate. The idea is to change the mood between you so that she gets to enjoy the boyfriend experience.

• Tell Her How You Feel

When the mood feels right between you tell your friend how you feel about her. Be honest, genuine and sincere. Say something like: “You know how much I value and appreciate you and how much I love spending time with you. I was hoping we might be able to be something more than ‘just friends.’ I’d really like you to be my girlfriend.”

Tell her how you feel about her but don’t put pressure on her to respond in the same way. She may be momentarily shocked, pleasantly surprised or slightly horrified, and it is therefore important that you give her time to make up her mind before she reacts. It is very likely that she will use this opportunity to tell you how she feels about you and your friendship. So you may get your answer straight away.

• Take It Like A Man

If she turns down your suggestion don’t disappear and sulk. Take the rejection like a man and honour the friendship you already have. Unless she has made it abundantly clear that she will never, ever view you in a romantic light there is always a chance that she may warm to the idea over time. Accept her answer and be prepared to play the long game…

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