How Do You Know A Guy Is Flirting With You?

When you’re chatting to a guy you are interested in getting to know it can sometimes be difficult to look out for the clues and to read all the signs, that he may or may not be giving you. How do you know a guy is flirting with you when you’re too busy concentrating on giving him the correct signals of interest?

So that you can relax and really enjoy the flirting experience all you have to do is pay attention to the following clues:

Check Out His Smile

How do you know a guy is flirting with you when you are blinded by his dazzling smile? A warm, friendly and genuine smile is your first big clue that this guy is keen on flirting with you. He is smiling at you because he likes what he sees and is interested in getting to know if your personality is as lovely as the way you look.

Smiling is the most effective way of opening up communication and flirtatious banter. If you like the look of him smiling back will let him know that you are approachable.

Eye To Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact, as you engage in conversation, helps to build rapport and establish a connection. If he looks into your eyes and holds your gaze, for a little longer than is actually comfortable, you can correctly assume that he’s interested in flirting with you.

Once you’re relaxed in each other’s company you will notice that he shifts his gaze from your eyes to your lips and back to your eyes. This subtle eye contact is an obvious clue to his intention. If you’re interested in turning up the flirting intensity reciprocating his meaningful eye contact will clearly convey your intent.


It’s not only women who blush when they are in the company of someone they fancy and want to get to know. Men too, can sometimes blush. Blushing is an automatic response that we have little control over, and is triggered by situations and experiences that momentarily take us out of our comfort zone. If a guy blushes, as he smiles or talks to you, it is because he values the connection he is trying to make with you.

Never draw attention to the fact that you’ve noticed his blush, but do consider it to be an endearing character trait.


How do you know a guy is flirting with you if he starts mimicking your body language and physical movements? Surely this means he’s just messing about and playfully teasing you? Wrong. Mirroring a person’s body language is a flirting technique that makes the person you’re interested in feel very relaxed in your company. You do not have to copy every single movement they make. You simply draw attention to the way in which you both appear to be naturally in sync.

If a guy is mirroring your body language he is getting ready to introduce physical touch.

Physical Touch

Accidently brushing his hand against yours, as he hands you a drink, is a clear sign that he is about to test intimacy with you. Gentle and soft touches to the arm, shoulder, back or cheek will also demonstrate that he is keen to get closer. Expect him to touch and then wait for your response. How you react to his physical touch will let him know if you’re interested in taking things further.

Pupil Dilation

As your flirting becomes more intense your eye to eye contact will be more direct. This will give you an opportunity to gaze into his eyes. If you notice that his pupils are dilated you can confidently assume he is interested in flirting with you. Our pupils dilate when we are aroused, so if he is looking into your eyes you are the object of his fascination.


When a woman is flirting with someone she is interested in getting to know she will often start fiddling with her hair, stroking her neck or biting on her lip. These subtle body language signs are used to show sexual interest. A man however, is less likely to display his interest in quite the same way, so don’t expect him to twirl his hair at you. Instead look out for signs of fidgeting. This could be anything from shifting in his seat – because he’s trying to get physically closer to you – to playing with his car keys or fiddling with his glass.

How do you know a guy is flirting with you? Well, fidgeting is a sign of impatience and what we all do when we want to get things moving along to the next level. If you spot the fidgeting signs the next step is likely to involve him asking you for your number or out on a date.

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