Gemini Star Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating

Gemini needs variety, so originality and versatility in a partner are the most important attractions. Also, Gemini needs a partner (or partners) who won’t require constant attention and devotion. Gemini’s restless nature is tuned into the mood of the moment, so these mentally oriented souls will often find happiness is keeping more than one person close at any given time. Gemini rarely has only one “best friend”, and has been known to love more than one person at a time. Obviously the partner Gemini bonds with will have to be able to tolerate being left alone from time to time.

Gemini needs almost constant stimulation, so this is the kind of person who will almost have the television, radio or audio system on. They also like to stay connected to their network of friends, so Gemini’s partner might find that many conversations get interrupted by cell phone calls and “urgent” e mails that have nothing to do with what’s being discussed. To keep Gemini’s interest, make the effort to follow the constantly changing sea of ideas that emanates from this fascinating person’s mind.


Motion and commotion will keep this easy-going relationship strong. Aries is a self-starter that wants to be the first one to try out new experiences, sometimes before they’re fully thought out. Gemini is a great thinker – so great, in fact, that it’s hard to get Gemini to DO something. Sounds potentially simpático, no? It could be. If this couple finds creative ways to spend lots of time together, they’ll have a solid union that’s based on a respectful friendship. Their possible pitfall is in having so much to do as individuals that they have to struggle to pencil one another into their respective schedules. Sexually, this relationship can be exciting as long as both people strive to provide both mental and physical stimulation. Gemini is into verbal foreplay, while Aries is very much a “Let’s Do It – NOW” kind of partner. If they can be aware of each another’s turn-ons, this pair has what it takes to hang in there for the long haul.


This couple could have some difficulty, mainly due to the way that Gemini will perceive Taurus as being too domineering and Taurus will see Gemini as being too flighty. Taurus has fixed ways of carrying out life’s little routines, and is more than eager to impose order on someone who seems to be a lot more scattered. Gemini needs a lot of freedom, so that there must be room for outside friendships within the relationship. Taurus could become upset about Gemini not “being there” at important times, while Gemini will feel confined by Taurus’ attempts to dictate what the two will do as a couple. If each of them can find ways to understand one another’s basic needs, this relationship can be successful. Taurus can steady Gemini while Gemini can encourage Taurus to try new things. The exchange of sympathy will be the key to this couple’s sex life, too. Taurus will have to listen to Gemini talk about what will be a turn-on, while Gemini will have to accept Taurus’ needs to be introduced to new and exciting ways of reaching new heights of sexual satisfaction.


This relationship will take a lot of work to maintain. Although Cancer will initially take this partnership on as a challenge, Gemini will soon become cagey when it becomes obvious just how clingy and whiny Cancer can become when abandoned. Most of the disagreements in this relationship will be about how much attention Gemini focuses outside of the relationship, and how many restrictions Cancer puts on Gemini’s movement. There can be a lot of sympathy between people with these two Sun signs, but when it comes to day-to-day living, they see things in very different ways. Gemini’s resistance to staying on one place will frustrate Cancer, while Cancer’s need for familiarity will quickly bore Gemini. Sexually, these differences will have to be focused on if the relationship is to work, but if both people remain focused on their partner’s needs, this relationship can be surprisingly rewarding.


This relationship can be very successful if the pair focuses on how they can support one another’s efforts in the outside world. Gemini needs to have the latitude to connect with a variety of different people and make connections that suit the mood of the moment. Leo needs to have the freedom to perform to a public that lavishes large helpings of admiration. Of course, it will help if these two partners find ways to appreciate one another, as well. Gemini must make it a point to check in with Leo to ensure that the bond they want to have is still in place. Leo must be careful not to ignore or belittle Gemini’s intellectual curiosity and changeability. It can be hard for Gemini to change Leo’s mind about joint decisions and activities, so flexibility on the part of both parties is the key. Sexually, Gemini must try to give Leo the kind of constancy that Leo needs to feel gratified. Leo must give Gemini variety and excitement in order to keep Gemini’s attention from wandering off to find excitement and stimulation elsewhere.


This is a highly satisfying match. Gemini enjoys being challenged by Virgo’s analytical mind, while Virgo is enchanted by the stream of ideas Gemini brings into the relationship. Gemini easily becomes the perfect “little project” for Virgo to work on. Virgo can organize Gemini’s priorities without restricting Gemini. Gemini can enlighten Virgo with things to think about that Virgo wouldn’t have the time or inclination to pursue without Gemini’s prodding. Virgo is capable of bringing variety into Gemini’s life, yet Virgo’s ability to ground is useful when Gemini gets carried away by the mood or trend of the moment. Sex might be a problem for these two, in that they can both become so busy with their own personal schedules that they have difficulty finding time to be intimate. Once they find one another, though, there can be a meaningful exchange that is stimulating as well as satisfying.


This match is based on a deep friendship, and will work if each can give the other the kind of recognition they need. Gemini needs to know that Libra acknowledges Gemini’s intelligence and creativity. Libra wants Gemini to praise Libra’s artistic abilities, including the ability to negotiate. Problems could arise when Libra depends upon Gemini to be a constant companion, because it’s nearly impossible for Gemini to sustain that kind of focused attention on anyone. Libra will need to develop outside activities that not only provide companionship, but also give them something to tell Gemini when they get together. Gemini will have to be very sensitive to Libra’s need for togetherness, and be sure to show gratitude for all Libra does to add to Gemini’s life. Sexually, these two could talk a lot about what they want in bed, but the truth is that plenty of cuddling and listening to one another’s concerns will prove to provide the most satisfaction.


This relationship is difficult to sustain because the two signs are so different. Gemini’s forthright honesty will often fall prey to Scorpio’s tendency to grab control of the relationship. Although Scorpio’s motivations may simply arise out of insecurity, any attempt to manipulate Gemini will result in a full retreat. Gemini needs to have the assurance that freedom will always be a strong component of a relationship. Meanwhile, Scorpio needs to have closeness and dependability to quash the fear that surrounds Scorpio’s perception of life. Scorpio finds Gemini to be incredibly sexy, however, and Scorpio is extremely attractive to Gemini. In bed, at least, the mystery these two have to explore is enough to fill up a substantial expanse of time with sexual excitement.


This is an easy match, one that seems to each of the partners like a comfortable pair of shoes. Both of these signs enjoy variety and outside stimulation, and both are secure enough to pursue outside interests without fear of betraying or losing their devotion to the relationship. Sagittarius takes Gemini’s ideas and makes them fit into a broad context of significance, while Gemini thinks through Sagittarius’ broad stroke concepts and shines light upon their relevance and usefulness. The two will never tire talking to one another, but once they discover how they can communicate on a sensual level, their sex life can provide a way for them to deepen their commitment and renew their energies.


This match will be difficult unless both partners make a major effort to understand the other’s needs. Gemini will seem flaky to Capricorn, while Capricorn’s traditional approach to most matters will seem to stifle Gemini’s creativity. By and large, these two will both have to really want this relationship if it is to survive. Capricorn will have to open up to ideas and accept that Gemini is available only when Gemini chooses to be. Meanwhile, Gemini will have to be willing to account for any absences and prove the relevance of any and all extraneous activities if Capricorn is to be satisfied with Gemini’s performance as a partner. It might be the sexual part of this relationship that holds these two together. Gemini’s stream of ideas is excellent fodder for Capricorn’s nearly insatiable (and surprisingly versatile) repertoire of sexual expression.


This couple will have a strong friendship and a mutual respect that comes rather naturally. Gemini will love listening to all of Aquarius’ ideas about how the world should be. Aquarius will be intrigued by Gemini’s ability to understand and accept a wide variety of ideas. Difficulty could arise when Gemini changes opinions and views in midstream. Aquarius’ will stay with an idea until several other people are convinced of its validity, and will not be flexible. Aquarius’ lack of an ability to admit being wrong could really upset Gemini. Sexually these two will have a lot to offer one another, but sex won’t be the focus of the relationship, at least not for the long run. True friendship and an ability to process feelings through the intellect will be the key ingredient that keeps this couple together.


This can be a surprisingly good relationship, largely due to Pisces’ ability to follow Gemini’s thoughts and become engrossed in Gemini’s world of strange ideas. Gemini will be taken by Pisces’ artistic modes of expression, and will perhaps even envy Pisces’ ability to process reality in an abstract, yet emotionally deep and rewarding manner. Pisces’ compassion for the world will make it easy for Pisces to understand Gemini’s need to be around a wide variety of people. Gemini’s absences will give Pisces much-needed time to explore a private world and altruistic projects. Gemini will sometimes wonder why Pisces can’t take a more self-centered approach, but on the whole this relationship will be easy to maintain. Sexually, as long as Gemini will reciprocate Pisces’ generosity, intimacy can be extremely satisfying.


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