Games To Play Over Text With a Girl

When you meet a special someone its perfectly natural to want to spend as much time in their company as possible. Unfortunately everyday life commitments and responsibilities mean that your time together usually has certain restrictions.

The convenience of modern technology makes staying in touch easy. You can chat online and send text messages via your mobile phone. When you’re getting to know someone you’re interested in there are plenty of engaging fun games to play over text that help you get to know each other better.

Fun games to play over text when you can’t be together include:

All About You

The idea of this simple texting game is to ask a series of questions about anything you’d like to know about the other person. You can set a time limit to respond to each question to make it more challenging if you like. The best questions to ask would be things about your girlfriend/boyfriend that you don’t know about yet. You can come up with a list of questions and take it in turns to ask and answer. You can mix it by asking personal stuff and trivia type questions so that you can learn a variety of things that would ordinarily take you ages to find out.

All About You can be played anytime, anywhere and has no end, so you can continue playing over the course of days and weeks. As you get to know each other better you can adapt the theme and topics of the game to make it more personal and interesting.

Trivia Text

If you want to continue on the question theme other games to play over text include Trivia Text. This game involves taking turns to text multiple-choice questions to each other. You can pick a subject that you both have an interest in – music, film, books, sport, travel, food etc – and then you create a selection of simple or more difficult questions to ask. The game starts when you text your question along with the three possible multiple-choice answers. Take turns and don’t forget to set a time limit and keep score. To make it more fun you can come up with a prize for the winner.

You can also play a more personal version of Trivia Text, this time asking questions about things that you should already know about each other. ‘When’s my birthday?’, ‘What’s my favourite film?” and anything that tests the listening and attention skills of your girlfriend/boyfriend. This version of the game is one that they will want to score highly on.

Who Or What Am I?

If you want to test your skills of deduction one of the fun games to play over text is Who Or What Am I? The idea is to figure out who or what your girlfriend/boyfriend has choose as the ‘subject’ by asking a series of probing questions. You are allowed to have 20 guesses before your time is up.

Here’s an example: if the subject is Who, and your girlfriend/boyfriend has chosen David Beckham you would start the game by asking “Am I a person?” The affirmative response might lead you to ask “Am I male?” The person who has set the ‘subject’ can only reply with a yes or no response. You must either guess the correct answer or use up your allocated 20 guesses trying to get the right answer.

Twenty text guesses goes incredibly fast so you can swap over and play a few rounds in no time at all. Playing this game is fun and easy to do and also sharpens your thinking skills. You can use famous people, people you both know well, places, everyday objects and just about anything as the ‘subject’.

Story Time

If you want to get a little more intimate one of the creative games to play over text is Story Time. As the name suggests it is a story that starts when one of you texts a simple opening line… You can use the classic “Once upon a time there was a…” or come up with something a little more imaginative. If you are starting the game you simply send the opening line to your girlfriend/boyfriend and patiently and eagerly wait for the story to unfold.

You can create a cast of characters and an elaborate plot or keep things fairly straightforward. You each take it in turns to text one or two lines (up to a paragraph) and the other person continues the story from the end of your last word. If you’re both highly inventive you could create a personalised story that you both star in.

Even when you have plenty of time in the day to see each other or talk on the phone its still nice to get into a daily habit of ending the day on a lighter note. Games to play over text shows you that you’re always on their mind.

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