6 Essential Flirting Tips For Guys

Flirting is a fun way to make a connection with a girl you are interested in getting to know. There are many flirting tips for guys that can help to boost flirting confidence and success. To master the flirting tips all you need to do is practice.

Act Natural

If you want to make sure that flirting is fun for you, and the girl you’re flirting with, it is important to act natural. Pretending you are someone you’re not is fake and inauthentic and also obvious to the girl you’re trying to flirt with. One of the most important flirting tips for guys is: be confident in being yourself.

Your personality and your individuality and uniqueness are what you need to use to your advantage. When you pretend to be more confident and assertive than you actually are you usually come across as being flashy and arrogant. Keep it real and natural so that she can get to know and like the real you.

Have The Right Mindset

Adopting a positive mindset makes flirting much more fun. It also helps to boost your confidence. To get into the right mindset assume that the girl you’re interested in getting to know is already attracted to you. Having this belief will make you relax so that you can more easily focus on engaging her in easy and natural conversation.

Assuming that she wants to get to know you, as much as you want to get to know her, enables you to relax and enjoy the flirting experience. Mirror her body language, use eye contact and use her name, in conversation, to establish a connection and build rapport. If all goes well the flirting can naturally develop into an opportunity to suggest a date or something else. If the flirting doesn’t move beyond a general conversation, having the right mindset still means you will have had a pleasant experience nonetheless.

Be Playful

Flirting is an intimate game that is played by two people who want to get to know each other. As with most games there are rules and tactics that should be followed if you want to succeed and win the game. The most effective flirting tips for guys require you to play the game by stimulating her mind and playfully teasing the girl you’re interested in. Just flattering her with compliments and being overly nice will bore her very quickly.

Pay her genuine compliments that show her you are interested in her mind as well as her body. Don’t be tempted to make the game too easy for her, by being too obvious or too keen. Girls like to be stimulated but they also want to be intrigued so that they can figure things out for themselves. If she has to work a little to get your full attention and interest she will consider the prize to be worth winning.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is a powerful seductive technique, which is one of the essential flirting tips for guys. Maintain eye contact as you engage her in fun and friendly conversation. Holding the girl’s gaze momentarily, before shifting your eyes from her eyes to her lips is a clear indication of your interest in her. Use this simple technique whenever you want to take your flirting up a level.

Get Touchy Feely

Touch is an important part of flirting as it helps you establish how welcome your flirting advances are. The best way to introduce subtle and playful touch is to accidentally brush your hand against her hand or arm as you talk. Your touch should be brief, soft and gentle and not overly intimate, forceful or prolonged. The idea is to gauge how playful she is. If she welcomes the physical contact she will respond with subtle touches of her own.

Subtle touch allows you to gradually increase physical contact without being creepy. When you touch someone you instant convey a message of comfort. Let her reciprocate before you get more touchy feely.

Flirt With Confidence

When you’re using flirting tips for guys your confidence will naturally increase. Combine the helpful hints and tips with your own body confidence for maximum flirting success. Check your posture so that you look as confident as you feel. Pull your shoulders back and lift your head to instantly look in control and more assertive.

To create a positive and lasting impression make sure that you always look your best. Wear clothes that are comfortable and help to express your unique style and personality. To attract the attention of the girl you want to flirt with and get to know you need to look attractive and approachable. After all, your physical appearance is the first thing someone notices about you.

Flirting Tips Summary:

Once you get the hang of using these effective and simple flirting tips for guys your success rate will dramatically increase. Before you approach an attractive girl you’re interested in getting to know always make sure you have flirting success in mind.

• Always be yourself.

• Assume she wants to get to know you too.

• Be interested but also intriguing.

• Use eye contact to your advantage.

• Use touch to gauge a positive response.

• Be confident in your flirting style.

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