Indoor First Date Ideas

Dating isn’t just about going out together and having fun. Dating is about spending quality time in each other’s company doing things that you both enjoy and that allow you get to know more about your individual likes, dislikes and interests. When you’re dating sometimes staying in is the best option.

Whether you are staying in as an alternative to going out on the town, or you want to create a special romantic first date experience there are plenty of things you can do together, to establish an intimate connection.

To ensure that your night in first date ideas achieve your desired outcome make sure that you take care of the essentials. Clean and tidy up, unplug the phone and make sure that you have the place to yourself before inviting your date to come on over.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love getting cosy on the sofa and enjoying a good movie? A movie marathon night is one of the most popular stay in first date ideas because it is practically fail proof. You can theme the evening’s entertainment by choosing a genre or favourite actor to base your movie choices around. Scary movies are good for getting the adrenaline going and for making your date snuggle up even closer on the sofa.

Once you’ve picked your movie night theme get some popcorn and snacks ready. Invite your date to get comfortable and hit the play button. Build the chemistry between you whilst enjoying an intimate night in front of your favourite movies.

Plan A Trip

Go one better than the classic dinner and a DVD by creating a memorable themed evening that is based around a particular country. An Italian themed first date idea could include sharing some takeaway pizza with a bottle of Chianti, and serving up gelato for dessert. You could watch The Godfather trilogy or seduce your date with an authentic subtitled foreign language movie.

Plan your first date trip together or surprise your date with a location that has special significance or meaning. Good destination choices include: France, Mexico, China, Japan and India.

Cooking For Couples

Getting creative in the kitchen is a great way to get to know each other better. As a first date idea this gives you an opportunity to see how well you work together and will give you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. You can get adventurous and theme the cooking experience so that you rustle up a tasty creation from scratch, or simply concoct a tempting dish from whatever ingredients you have.

Turn up the music and share a glass of wine as you chop, stir and serve up a special meal for two.

Romantic Dining

Everyone loves to be treated to a special dinner that has been lovingly prepared just for you. Create the perfect mood by playing soft music, dimming the lights and preparing a romantic setting. Set the table with a tablecloth and cutlery and candles. This first date idea is ideal if you want to make a positive and lasting impression on someone special.

Serve up a champagne three course meal that includes aphrodisiac ingredients. Choose oysters, asparagus and a decadent chocolate dessert to impress your date. 

Taste Testing

Setting up a mini tasting session at home gives you an opportunity to create a fun first date experience. Choose a type of drink or food and make sure that you select a variety to sample. A good first date idea is a wine and cheese or wine and chocolate tasting test. This allows you to pair appropriate canapés with types of alcoholic beverages. Download some practical tasting notes for your particular brands of food and drink and work your way around the selection.

Another great first date idea is a cocktail making crash course. You can take it in turns to concoct delicious and exotic cocktails. Make sure that you have all the necessary bartending equipment at the ready, as well as a variety of mixers, fruit juices and garnishes.

Musical Appreciation

Many stay in first date ideas can be combined or used for other stay in evenings together. Like the movie marathon, a night of musical appreciation can involve listening to your favourite bands or artistes or creating a compilation of mutual favourite tunes on your iPods, MP3 player or laptop.

Music is perfect for creating shared intimacy, so whatever tunes you play will automatically create a positive and lasting association with you in your date’s mind.

Game Playing

Create a playful mood by getting out those traditional board games that are usually saved for rainy days. Share a glass of wine and some nibbles as you play Trivial Pursuit, Ludo, Scrabble and other favourite childhood related games. Save Twister for later on in the evening when things are likely to be getting a lot more comfortable and intimate!

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