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When faced with the prospect of coming up with dating ideas, it is always amazing how quickly one’s creative energies can take on the attributes of the Sahara Desert. Yes, Saturday and Sunday need to be filled as does Tuesday evening. What have you thought of so far? Zilch!

Ironically, while our minds are buzzing with ideas, they are usually and not appropriate in this instance. You could have thought of flying to Niagara Falls for dinner, ballooning over Paris at dawn or swimming naked together by moonlight in your local pool. But weeks later, with a new date on the phone, you can think of absolutely nothing at all. Worse still, you have no preference, and start using phrases like, “No, that’s fine. Whatever you like. It’s up to you. You decide.”

Stop right there. There is a danger here of appearing completely useless and about to fall at the first hurdle, so it’s time to get your thinking caps on. It’s time for dating ideas. Of course dating ideas differ depending on whether it is first date, second date or so on. Maybe you are hoping that the third date will be spent in bed, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. For now, we will stick to social functions and activities our parents would approve of.

The key to dating in the early stages is keeping it manageable, relatively inexpensive, and within manageable timelines. Particularly on a first date, you may wish to leave early, or so may they. An exit plan for both guys and girls is always useful. After the initial date, the key to good dating ideas is to make them sociable, relaxed, fun, public and open-ended. Let’s face it — why stop a date that is really going well. That is why I favor lunch for first dates. Lunchtimes are good because they have predetermined time restrictions and can be abandoned if necessary with little harm done. Saturday afternoons are great for a second date because that allows both parties extra time if things are going really well.

So with this in mind, here are some ideas for keeping things fun, real and enjoyable. Make your own list for your own city so that you have some ideas in advance. Always have a good food guide and know some nice daytime places to visit.

First Date

  • Lunchtime convenient coffee shop
  • Lunchtime restaurant
  • Early evening restaurant

Second Date

  • Weekend walk in the park and lunch
  • The zoo and lunch
  • Ice skating or bowling
  • Dinner and a movie
  • Ballgame or sports event and lunch
  • Art gallery or museums

Third Date

  • Amusement or adventure park
  • Water park
  • Beach visit and lunch
  • Tourist attraction
  • Theater and dinner
  • Adventure activity

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