Common Interracial Dating Problems

Dating interracially is less of a minefield than it once was. Whilst most people are more open-minded about dating choices some cultures still have strong stereotypical views concerning interracial dating and relationships. If you are attracted to romantic partners of a different ethnicity it is important to acknowledge that not everyone will accept or consider your relationship to be socially acceptable. Understanding the perspective of other cultures, ethnic communities and individuals will help you overcome potential common interracial dating problems.

The Learning Curve

If you are dating interracially, or in an interracial relationship, for the first time you will have to prepare yourself to overcome any common interracial dating issues and problems that may arise. Different ethnicities and cultures have their own heritage and customs to consider when dating outside of their minority group. Learning about expectations, considerations and limitations will help you have a positive experience of interracial dating.

Be Honest With Yourself

To avoid common interracial dating problems you will need to start by being honest with yourself. Are you interested in interracial dating for reasons other than physical attraction? Are you attracted to an interracial partner because of stereotypical beliefs? This could include submissive and obedient cultural standards or myths regarding sexual prowess. Whilst interracial dating is a normal and common dating option for people who are simply more physically attracted to potential partners from a different ethnicity, some people also date interracially as a passing phase or trend.

Being honest with yourself will help you identify if you are strong, confident and determined enough to follow your heart. Some interracial connections may trigger less than favourable or supportive comments from friends, family members and other people around you, so knowing you have the confidence in your own beliefs will help you overcome any common interracial dating problems you may experience in your relationship.

Other People

The impact and influence of family on an interracial relationship is a common dating problem for many individuals. Cultural influence is an important part in the lives of many people, and this can be positive or negative for the relationship. Although most families are likely to be quietly tolerant of interracial connections, they may not make an effort to get to know your partner.

Some members of the ethnic minority community may consider people who date outside of their race to be less acceptable. If your family has strong views about who you should be dating it is best to be polite and considerate with them, but to also put your own needs first. Your romantic connections are yours to consider, and not your family’s choice.

You have no control or influence over how strangers treat you and how they react to your interracial dating choices. A common interracial dating problem is being on the receiving end of ignorant comments from thoughtless and insensitive people. Being aware that this may be an issue that you have to deal with will help you overcome the problem.

Other Interracial Couples

Do not assume that other interracial couples are kindred spirits and will be supportive and encouraging of your interracial dating choices. Even exes may not view your interracial connection in a positive way. Some interracial couples do however consider themselves to be part of positive minority group and will celebrate your interracial relationship or connection.

Your Interracial Partner

Common interracial dating problems do not simply relate to other people and whether or not they are accepting of your interracial relationship. As with any kind of relationship problems often occur between the people who are romantically involved. When you are dating outside of your ethnic community or group it is important to determine how your partner sees you.

If your partner is hesitant or reluctant to introduce you to their family and friends the ethnicity issue may be a problem and reason for the lack of relationship progression. When dating outside of your ethnicity it is important to discuss potential problems with anyone you are interested in building a relationship with. If casual dating is more your thing you are more likely to have less interracial dating problems to overcome.

Knowing What You Want

It is important to identify what you want from interracial dating. Are you looking for a long-term committed relationship? Or are you enjoying a more casual connection? Your personal expectations will help you overcome common interracial dating problems because you will be able to learn from the experience and to put things into perspective. If interracial dating is a casual connection you may not feel inclined to get too involved in progressing the relationship. This will mean that you do not have to consider your partner’s cultural expectations in the long-term.

Be realistic about your own expectations. Know what you want from an interracial relationship and identify the issues that you are willing to compromise on.

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