Capricorn Star Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating

Capricorn isn’t complicated at all, but there are lots of pleasant surprises that await the unsuspecting potential partner. Besides being ambitious, hard-working and responsible, Capricorn is also extremely sexy. Under the cool, professional and unemotional exterior, many Capricorn people conceal an earthy, pleasure-seeking, sensual hedonist. But just because they enjoy sex, don’t pigeon-hole the serious Capricorn into the “pervert” category.

What they’re really working for is a happy domestic life. Capricorn seeks someone who will provide a warm and secure home base. This person must also be extremely dependable, and have the desire to follow family traditions. Capricorn works hard to build a solid foundation that can always be counted on, so any prospective partner must be willing to follow through on this ambitious plan. And of course, the idea that Capricorn dishes out some of the most delicious sex there is can be an ample reward in itself.


This can be a good combination as long as the pair can each identify their partner’s strengths and allow their mate to do what they do best. Capricorn brings discipline and order to Aries’ impulsive desire to drive on to the next big thing. Aries gives Capricorn new ideas and inspiration that makes life worth working hard for. If there is mutual respect between the people involved in this relationship, an ideal mixture of inspiration and organization can result. This means that Aries has to let Capricorn deal with the business aspects of the relationship while Capricorn has to relinquish control over the relationship long enough to listen to Aries’ new ideas. Both of these people are ambitious self-starters. As long as neither of them spends too much time at work or on outside projects, they can have a very happy and passionate relationship. Capricorn will surprise Aries with an appetite for sex that rivals Aries’ zest for sensual stimulation.


This is a harmonious union, as each of these signs is rooted in the idea of attaining material security and supplying it to others. Taurus will see Capricorn’s success as a way of supplementing Taurus’ own ability to acquire material goods, while Capricorn will see Taurus as a safe and reliable partner. The fights between these two will be few, but when they erupt, it will be Taurus that will have to give in to Capricorn’s demands more often. Although it will be difficult, Taurus will have to admit that Capricorn is even more practical, and therefore, probably right. Sexually, this can be an extremely creative couple. Although neither Taurus nor Capricorn seems to be overly sexy on the surface, once they get behind closed doors that earthy energy can really connect and create some explosive passion.


This match will be difficult unless both partners make a major effort to understand the other’s needs. Gemini will seem flaky to Capricorn, while Capricorn’s traditional approach to most matters will seem to stifle Gemini’s creativity. By and large, these two will both have to really want this relationship if it is to survive. Capricorn will have to open up to ideas and accept that Gemini is available only when Gemini chooses to be. Meanwhile, Gemini will have to be willing to account for any absences and prove the relevance of any and all extraneous activities if Capricorn is to be satisfied with Gemini’s performance as a partner. It might be the sexual part of this relationship that holds these two together. Gemini’s stream of ideas is excellent fodder for Capricorn’s nearly insatiable (and surprisingly versatile) repertoire of sexual expression.


If ever a couple would feel like they fit one another like a pair of old, comfortable shoes, this would be the right combination. Cancer wants to create and protect the home, and Capricorn wants to be the provider and manager. Cancer wants to be mother and helper to Capricorn, and Capricorn wants to be father and teacher to Cancer. Fights could break out when Cancer’s emotional approach to life conflicts with Capricorn’s more practical mindset. Love and respect can be maintained if each of these people remembers what they value most about the other. Sexually, this is also a very good relationship. Cancer’s feelings can be satisfied by Capricorn’s intense sexuality, and Capricorn will love being pampered by Cancer’s gentle, loving touch.


This couple will have to decide very early on in the relationship which of them will be in charge. Regal Leo assumes authority without being asked, while Capricorn thinks it goes without saying that no one else is capable of managing things. If they can surmount this obstacle, this couple can enjoy each other through their various activities. This is the kind of relationship that works well as long as they each pursue completely separate careers. They can then use their partners’ interests as a refuge from their own intense professional concerns. In bed, the two of these have a surprisingly good time. Capricorn’s almost insatiable appetite gives Leo the perfect audience for stellar bedroom performances, while Capricorn can quietly (yet effectively) satisfy Leo’s every desire.


This relationship could last a long time simply based on the fact that both of these people see life as a practical matter that must be mastered. Capricorn wants to organize, manage and achieve, while Virgo wants to make useful contributions to the couple’s efforts. If this couple fights at all, it might be because Virgo thinks Capricorn takes too much on at one time. Capricorn will also (once in awhile) become annoyed at what’s perceived as Virgo’s tendency to nit-pick. But if these two combine their abilities, they’re a team that would be hard to stop in business or in bed. Sexually, both relate well to the straightforward approach, and they both are earthy enough to immerse themselves into the sensual delights they have to offer to one another without getting bogged down in too much emotion.


Libra and Capricorn might not be the most romantic couple in the world, but they can build a very solid relationship. They just might take a little time to “find” one another at first. They may not realize it when they first meet, but they have a lot in common and could make a long-term relationship last a long time. Their affinity is based on the fact that they both like to get things done right away. Also, Libra can be very romantic, charming Capricorn into succumbing to an emotional life that might otherwise be ignored or denied. Sexually, Capricorn will stun Libra with a show of sensuous romance that Libra sits around dreaming about. In turn, Libra will shower Capricorn with love and affection that will deeply touch the heart of the smitten goat.


These two signs make a surprisingly workable combination. Scorpio’s desire for excellence is met by Capricorn’s desire to be the best at everything, while Capricorn’s need to have a capable strategist to oversee the couple’s interests would be competently filled by Scorpio. They are both pragmatic in their approach to life, too, and this will allow them to develop a stable and long-lasting relationship. If fights erupt, they’ll probably have to do with the issue of respect. Both of these intensely proud signs want to be seen as the person in charge, and if anyone insinuates that either of them is less capable than the other, sparks can fly. Fortunately, they make up for it in bed. The bedroom antics Scorpio and Capricorn get into give a whole dimension to the idea of “dirty thoughts”. They might not talk about it much, but these two definitely put on a show that certain people would pay to be able to watch!


This is not the easiest combination, since Sagittarius wants to have a lot of freedom, and Capricorn is devoted to honoring responsibilities. In order for these two to create a harmonious relationship, they’ll have to work very hard to respect one another’s wishes. It’s interesting to note that these two have more to offer one another than they might perceive when they first meet. Sagittarius can open Capricorn up to a whole new world of experiences, and Capricorn can teach Sagittarius how to be organized. They might fight when one of them feels the other needs to make compromises, and mutual understanding won’t come easy. But there are ways that they can heal their rifts. Capricorn and Sagittarius both love comedy, and when they engage in an amusing repartee, the laughter that ensues will be loud and hearty. In bed, these two can also find that for an ‘Odd Couple’, they can create a lot of sexual fire.


This couple gets along well, as long as they can equitably divide the responsibilities. Both will work hard and they each will be eager to take charge of things. Difficulties arise in circumstances where they must place their trust in one another. It’s hard for any Capricorn to acknowledge that anyone else can be competent enough to take charge of a situation. They might fight if they perceive that one of them is doing more work around the house than the other is doing, or if one of them feels that the partner is not working as hard as possible to achieve on the job. On the whole, this relationship is harmonious, but they’ll need some inspiration to warm up in the bedroom. Once they get there, though, they’ll carry on like a couple of (very experienced) teenagers.


These two are both interested in their roles in the outside world, but the differences between them could lead to some difficulties. Capricorn is very focused on reputation and on being perceived as successful and prosperous. Aquarius has a much more egalitarian approach. Success to Aquarians is all about disseminating their ideas- and whether or not they get a lot of money for that is secondary. It’s easy to see why the fights that take place here have to do with the couple’s differences in the way that they see and use money. This relationship can be good as long as the people involved are willing to acknowledge their individual quirks. Both will have to strive to be able to understand one another’s motivations, but once they do they can enjoy a healthy sex life based on a mutually respectful and equal partnership.


Capricorn and Pisces are quite different, but this might actually allow them to develop a very rewarding relationship. Capricorn would be an ideal mate for Pisces, providing Pisces with grounding and practical advice. Pisces would be good for Capricorn, helping Capricorn to learn and understand the emotional component of a happy life. Conflict could arise when Capricorn gets too busy to tend to Pisces’ needs, or when Pisces becomes scattered and is unable to be there for Capricorn in a crisis. If these two can develop the kind of sensitivity they need to give themselves to this relationship, it can be long-lasting. Sex can be extremely good with these two, particularly if Pisces is willing to experiment with new levels of arousal, and Capricorn can open up to the Pisces’ deep emotional being.


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