Cancer Star Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating

Most Cancer people are looking for someone to nest with – for a VERY long time. This is probably the most loyal sign there is, but all this love and devotion can come at a price. These emotional souls need almost constant reassurance, and they don’t let go easily. They can become fiercely jealous and possessive if they don’t get enough attention. Once the Cancer person matures, the desire to nest and have children becomes all consuming. It’s important for the person who falls in love with Cancer to realize that Cancer will get very serious about the relationship very quickly.

Cancer is a self-starter, and will take action to prevent anything bad from happening to a loved one. Their protective nurturing can be very comforting to a partner, and Cancer will try to arrange things so the partner cannot live without Cancer’s love and support. Being coddled, cared for and smothered in unconditional love isn’t such a bad thing, so many of other zodiac signs delight in being swaddled by Cancer’s brand of TLC.


Both of these people are self-starters, and they tend to see household tasks like budgeting and decorating the same way. Both make quick decisions and need a lot of variety to keep the relationship interesting. Both also must be careful to consider the other’s sensibilities, though. If Aries can remember to tone down any aggressive, brusque talk, Cancer might not crab and complain so much (and avoid rousing Aries’ legendary temper). Although it might not seem like it at first glance, this couple could easily form a lasting relationship. Sexually, Cancer’s nurturing instinct is the ultimate turn-on for Aries’ “What about me?” attitude, while Aries’ childlike excitement and enthusiasm will make Cancer feel needed and loved. And with so much impulse combined into one partnership, ample portions of “kiss and make up” time could fill up their long, love-filled nights.


This combination is a very favorable one. Taurus is extremely easy to domesticate, and Cancer’s goal in life is to find a partner that can provide a secure and reliable home base. Taurus likes to have someone to cater to every need and impulse, and Cancer’s happiness can be derived from pleasing a partner through tender loving care. If there are many quarrels, they might stem from Taurus’ impatience with Cancer’s overly emotional reactions or Taurus’ lack of concern for Cancer’s feelings. Both partners will have to strive to recognize that they have found things in one another that they each need to counterbalance their own personality traits. If Taurus is allowed to provide Cancer with security, and Cancer is allowed to help Taurus access and experience emotions on a deeper level, this match can last a long time. Sexually, Taurus will try to help Cancer derive pleasure from physical contact, while Cancer will encourage Taurus to experience the sexual union on an emotional level.


This relationship will take a lot of work to maintain. Although Cancer will initially take this partnership on as a challenge, Gemini will soon become cagey when it becomes obvious just how clingy and whiny Cancer can become when abandoned. Most of the disagreements in this relationship will be about how much attention Gemini focuses outside of the relationship, and how many restrictions Cancer puts on Gemini’s movement. There can be a lot of sympathy between people with these two Sun signs, but when it comes to day-to-day living, they see things in very different ways. Gemini’s resistance to staying on one place will frustrate Cancer, while Cancer’s need for familiarity will quickly bore Gemini. Sexually, these differences will have to be focused on if the relationship is to work, but if both people remain focused on their partner’s needs, this relationship can be surprisingly rewarding.


These two might compete with one another to see which of them can be the more competent caregiver, but outside of that, they could have a very peaceful and satisfying life together. Both are capable of becoming immersed in the relationship to a degree that they’d find mutually satisfying, and they would be sensitive to one another’s moods. They might fight over whose way of keeping house or cooking is superior, and they will be extremely territorial when it comes to decorating. If this mi casa es su casa” kind of rapport is established early (and extended to both partners’ families), disputes will be settled easily and before long the two will think as one. These two will spend a lot of time in bed together, and sensuous hugging and cuddling will be just as pleasurable to them as passionate sexual gymnastics.


On the surface, this might not seem like it’s a match made in heaven, but the truth is this couple can find a lot to love about one another. Cancer needs to have someone to love, and Leo is very happy to be so adored. Cancer likes to stay home and take care of the house and family, and Leo likes to go out in public and put on a performance. What’s really in operation here is the combination of mothering love and fathering love. Cancer coddles and Leo brings out the best in people. There is every reason to believe this couple will achieve a balance of mutual consideration that will make them both happy. They might fight now and then about who hasn’t given whom enough attention, but in bed this combination is fiercely sexy. Put fire and water together like this and you get an extraordinary outpouring of sensuous, sexy steam.


This combination can work very well together, as both have an earnest desire to take care of one another and the relationship. Cancer wants to create and maintain a rich domestic atmosphere, and Virgo wants to be of service, always working toward keeping those home fires burning. If there are fights, they might arise from Cancer’s weepy sensitivity or Virgo’s tendency to criticize. Neatness (Virgo) vs. a tendency to store things like a packrat (Cancer) could be one source of dispute between these two, so they should consider getting someone from the outside to help with the cleaning. These caring people can be very happy together, but both need to take a long deep breath before they act on their impulses. In bed, these two will be content, but Cancer will need to adjust to Virgo’s more cool and detached attitude.


This can be an excellent relationship. Both of these people are strident self-starters and they have a strong commitment to their relationship. Cancer will thrive on being Libra’s constant companion, and Libra will enjoy being pampered and flattered by Cancer’s brand of unconditional love. The two signs differ when it comes to their emphasis on physical appearance, though. Cancer is will never be singled out for making trend-setting fashion statements. To Libra, these things are much more important, so there could be disagreements as to how much money should be spent on fashion, cosmetics and beauty treatments. One solution might be separate checking accounts, or at least a full accounting for extravagances (including Cancer’s restaurant money!) Sexually, these two have deeply romantic ideals, and are sure to apply their creativity in the bedroom!


These two water signs are equally sensitive and psychic, so they’ll have an immediate rapport. They can have a very good relationship once they work out some of their issues. The first one of these is trust. Because they are both so emotional and vulnerable, Cancer and Scorpio will have to go through a few crises together before they will be convinced they can truly count on each other. Cancer will be especially suspicious of Scorpio’s secretive nature, and Cancer will have to learn to allow Scorpio to have plenty of privacy. Scorpio will be very protective of Cancer, though, and will work to bolster Cancer’s confidence. Cancer will work with Scorpio and provide a comforting home and family life. Sexually, these two will delve very deeply into one another’s inner lives, and if they can establish mutual trust, they’ll reach immensely satisfying levels of intimacy.


These two signs see life in different ways, but with enough understanding, they can have a good relationship. Cancer needs to feel secure and spend a lot of time at home, while Sagittarius can never get enough in terms of exploring both the inner and outer world. Although these two people can balance one another’s natural tendencies, they’re likely to fight over which of them can change the other more completely. Another contentious issue between these two might arise from the way they approach getting things done. Cancer wants to take care of things right away, while Sagittarius prefers to put things off until they absolutely have to be done. Sexually, Sagittarius will have to become more sensitive than instincts and impulses might dictate, while Cancer will have to be open to experimentation.


If ever a couple would feel like they fit one another like a pair of old, comfortable shoes, this would be the right combination. Cancer wants to create and protect the home, and Capricorn wants to be the provider and manager. Cancer wants to be mother and helper to Capricorn, and Capricorn wants to be father and teacher to Cancer. Fights could break out when Cancer’s emotional approach to life conflicts with Capricorn’s more practical mindset. Love and respect can be maintained if each of these people remembers what they value most about the other. Sexually, this is also a very good relationship. Cancer’s feelings can be satisfied by Capricorn’s intense sexuality, and Capricorn will love being pampered by Cancer’s gentle, loving touch.


This combination requires a lot of work on the part of both people. At least in the beginning of the relationship, Cancer and Capricorn will feel as though they have their backs to one another for most of the time. It’s a stretch for either of them to see the world the way their partner does. An extreme fondness and a willingness to learn from each other will help. Fights will probably come up over Cancer encroaching on Aquarius’ fierce independence, or Aquarius being completely insensitive to Cancer’s feelings. The fact that there’s not a natural affinity between these two signs doesn’t mean the relationship can’t work, though. Both partners have to give a little. And, there’s no better way to start on that than going to bed together and finding out what they both have to offer!


This twosome has an easy time getting along, but unless they’re careful they could both become too lethargic. Cancer loves taking care of Pisces, because Pisces is sensitive enough to show appreciation for all the things that are being taken care of. Pisces likes to sympathize with Cancer, and will listen to Cancer’s ideas about improving the couple’s sense of security for hours. The problem that might arise is a lack of practical energy. These two could build a lovely castle in the air, but the question is, would there be walls on it? These two need to work hard on finding and dealing with reality, and they also must work on maintaining safe boundaries both within and outside of the relationship. Sexually, once this duo finds out how completely they can satisfy one another, they may never emerge from the bedroom.


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