Arranging A Date: Prepare With These Quick Dating Tips

Once your love-interest has said yes then it may be down to you to arrange where and when. Follow these quick dating tips to get things on the right footing from the outset:

  • 1. Ensure that the date occurs sooner rather than later. Waiting weeks for a free day in their diary will only increase your expectations and stress levels to an inordinate degree. So try and make the date happen within a few days of asking.
  • 2. Decide on a relaxed venue that most people will like which is adaptable to the situation. In other words choose a less formal fun location (even if it is a restaurant) for your first meeting.
  • 3. Ensure the location is in an easy to reach location for all kinds of transport and is one that is especially convenient for the lady on this first occasion.
  • 4. Ensure the date will occur early enough in the evening to allow for things not to be rushed. However the first date should be short and sweet to encourage the feeling of the need for things to continue. I advise at lunchtime if possible.
  • 5. Do not allow things to become overly formal or complex on the first date. You want to concentrate on the person not the location. But allowing yourself to be prepared, then allows for you to think more about your date and less about what food you need to order etc.
  • 6. Ensure you put effort into your style, dress and presentation and make an effort. Informality does not mean scruffy.
  • 7. Leave your apartment clean and tidy and presentable because you really never know what may happen later. You never know, this may be the start of something incredible so be prepared.
  • 8. Don’t try and impress by wealth. Selecting the most exclusive restaurant and insisting on flashing a Platinum credit card doesn’t show you in the best light.
  • 9. Do not consume vast quantities of booze to stead your nerves in advance. By the end of the first bottle of wine you may end up smashed so keep things steady in advance.
  • 10. Remember why you are dating, you are there to meet someone nice and have fun so when getting ready, play some great music and get yourself in the mood and remember to have fun.
  • 11. Give yourself time before arriving for your date. Make sure you have enough time to prepare yourself and get yourself into the right frame of mind if you need to.
  • 12. Be organized. Remember your wallet or purse and know where you are meeting. Struggling with directions in the rain will do nothing to assist the occasion.
  • 13. Don’t be late!
  • 14. Don’t start ringing your date to check they are going to arrive; panic will endear you to no one. But never stand someone up either. If you can’t make it, rearrange in plenty of time.
  • 15. Be ready to have fun! Put on your positive attitude and the night will instantly be better.

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