Arranging A Date: Prepare With Quick Dating Tips

  • 1. Arrive before time, especially the guy, and be prepared and in an excellent frame of mind. If you are a little late apologize or call your date in advance. Sometimes these things happen. Being late is only the prerogative of the lady generally.
  • 2. Once you are both there, relax and get a drink for both parties and settle in to some great conversation.
  • 3. Be prepared to do a lot of listening. Everything you need to know is being told to you both verbally and non-verbally so by listening and watching for body signals you will know how things are going.
  • 4. Stop thinking of the evening as one of huge importance. You are both there to get to know each other as well as having fun so be prepared to have some funny stories at the ready.
  • 5. Do not love the sound of your own voice too much. Interrupting and dominating the conversation isn’t always the right way to go. Let them tell their stories as much as you.
  • 6. Do not discuss ex partners, previous relationships in detail or your views on sex. Particularly for guys, the subject of sex needs to be avoided, however much she tempts you. Less is more.
  • 7. Remain enigmatic to a limited degree and do hold some information back whilst building up the mystery and levels of desire.
  • 8. Look at your date and hold eye contact at all times. Giving singular attention is extremely desirable and exciting. The fact that there is someone on the next table whom you desire even more is not something you must recognize.
  • 9. Lulls in the conversation are entirely natural and people will ebb and flow in a conversation. Having said that, it is your responsibility to be dynamic, interesting and witty.
  • 10. Do not tell lies and do not try and stretch the truth. You will get found out eventually so do yourself a favor and keep to the facts that you can substantiate. You may have an overwhelming desire to impress but it is amazing how much people can sense about your truth telling.
  • 11. Do not get drunk as you could ruin everything. There is nothing wrong at all with sharing wine or champagne but try and keep things sensible unless you really are both desperate to tear each others clothes off.
  • 12. Always keep your date wanting more, so a first date shouldn’t be a drawn out affair. A second date can always build on the success of the first.
  • 13. Avoid being controversial or overly opinionated. Whilst you may have some very good reasons for your beliefs, they may not be shared, may present you in a bad light or simply be unnecessary at this time. Keep things light and entertaining. Avoid deep and serious discussions at this stage.
  • 14. Never ever argue with a waiter, member of staff or appear aggressive or rude to others. This will not impress anyone or endear you to your date. Ever. Arrogance is to be despised.

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