Aquarius Star Sign Compatibility Chart For Dating

Aquarius needs an equal partner who’s strong enough to pursue a life that’s somewhat separate from the relationship. Aquarius can be a very committed lover, but only when it fits in between the rest of the activities Aquarius is so fervently involved in. The right partner for this independent soul will be very secure, yet able to make occasional sacrifices for the sake of Aquarius’ special causes. Aquarius is often accused of being emotionally cold, but it really isn’t the case. They just don’t like to be involved in or affected by the drama that emotionally insecure people can bring to them. Aquarius wants to find ways that the entire world can benefit from knowledge and ideas. It’s hard for an Aquarian to tolerate a person who is so irrational and insecure that they would think their feelings matter me than the good of society. To keep an Aquarius, the partner must be alert and intellectually stimulating. In bed, all Aquarius asks for is someone to hold and demonstrate an ability to sink all that compassion and vision into an excruciatingly sensuous love-making session.


Aries has to work hard to gain Aquarius’ respect. If there is a lot of exchange between the two partners, the relationship can work, but if both remain set in their ways, there could be a lot of fighting. Aries is dedicated to individual achievement, while Aquarius likes to be focused on the collective experience. Aries could grow impatient with Aquarius’ fixation on ideas, while Aquarius might find Aries’ desire for attention to be childish and selfish. The two can meet quite happily in bed, though. They both have a lot of energy and will enjoy spending many hours in competition. In this game, no matter who outlasts the other- they both win!


This pair can be very compatible, even though it might take each of them some time before they realize it. Taurus starts off the relationship appealing to Aquarius’ desire to enlighten Taurus with a more global view. Aquarius, meanwhile, is intrigued by Taurus’ ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, as well as Taurus’ impulse to share resources and affection. The couple may fight when Aquarius’ desire to take care of the larger community conflicts with Taurus’ need to protect the couple’s own possessions and resources. As long as Aquarius can find other sources of funding for projects that benefit the community, Taurus will support these projects with modest material contributions and large shows of emotional support. In bed, these two have much to learn from one another. Taurus will make Aquarius experience sex more on the level of feelings, while Aquarius will provoke Taurus into thinking more about how the couple can please one another in bed.


This couple will have a strong friendship and a mutual respect that comes rather naturally. Gemini will love listening to all of Aquarius’ ideas about how the world should be. Aquarius will be intrigued by Gemini’s ability to understand and accept a wide variety of ideas. Difficulty could arise when Gemini changes opinions and views in midstream. Aquarius’ will stay with an idea until several other people are convinced of its validity, and will not be flexible. Aquarius’ lack of an ability to admit being wrong could really upset Gemini. Sexually these two will have a lot to offer one another, but sex won’t be the focus of the relationship, at least not for the long run. True friendship and an ability to process feelings through the intellect will be the key ingredient that keeps this couple together.


This combination requires a lot of work on the part of both people. At least in the beginning of the relationship, Cancer and Capricorn will feel as though they have their backs to one another for most of the time. It’s a stretch for either of them to see the world the way their partner does. An extreme fondness and a willingness to learn from each other will help. Fights will probably come up over Cancer encroaching on Aquarius’ fierce independence, or Aquarius being completely insensitive to Cancer’s feelings. The fact that there’s not a natural affinity between these two signs doesn’t mean the relationship can’t work, though. Both partners have to give a little. And, there’s no better way to start on that than going to bed together and finding out what they both have to offer!


This is a very good match because each of the partners needs something that only the other can provide. And, by being as opposite as they are, these two force one another to become less extreme about their ways of viewing the world. Aquarius believes that people should be more concerned about groups than individuals, and Leo is interested in showing off individual talents and abilities. Many of the disagreements these two have are likely to center on this topic, but if these two can come to appreciate the possibility of learning from one another, they can both benefit. The sexual part of this relationship can get very hot. Being opposites, these two not only attract, they can’t get enough of each other.


This combination could be difficult because both partners are convinced they have the “right” answers for everything. When they agree, they can be contented with one another. When they are at odds, both will stick to their way of seeing things, and the fights might go on for awhile. With some patience (and maybe some occasional outside intervention), this couple can find ways to compromise on big issues. When it comes to the “small stuff”, they’re both going to have to give it a rest. To make their relationship work, this pair needs to have a steady diet of time they spend with their separate friends. These experiences can provide them with fresh topics of conversation and inject some excitement into the relationship. Sexually, these two can get it on and remain satisfied, but it they must work hard at achieving emotional intimacy.


This match is an idealized friendship, and the couple will always be close to one another on many levels. Libra will have to struggle hard to get Aquarius to pay attention to the things that Libra needs in order to sustain a highly romantic relationship. Aquarius will have to give up some of the time normally spent with larger groups of people so that the couple can spend more time alone together. These two might fight over this, but their feelings have to be hashed out and respected if the relationship is going to last. Sexually, Libra and Aquarius have to work a little harder than most couples. Sometimes they feel so familiar to one another, they forget that they’re supposed to demonstrate their passion in a bedroom setting!


This surprisingly good match is based on the ability both signs have to remain focused on their goals and stand their respective ground in any argument. These two signs are very realistic about their expectations, and both are achiever types. If there are fights, they might spring from a conflict over the places each of these two wants to focus their energies. Aquarius is all for sharing ideas and wealth with the world outside, while Scorpio would never want to see the couples’ resources squandered on anyone outside their immediate circle. When these two lock horns, some fierce shows of temper are possible. Aquarius can sting Scorpio with words, while Scorpio can undermine Aquarius’ feelings of confidence with one dirty look. Once they turn out the lights in the bedroom, however, these two can re-connect sexually, and quickly remember why they got together to begin with.


This couple won’t find it easy to get along when they first meet, but they do share a lot of common interests that could help them develop a lasting relationship. Sagittarius and Aquarius both have a desire to reach out to the world around them. The difference is that Sagittarius takes life with a much less serious desire to change people than Aquarius does. Aquarians might have the reputation for being open-minded, but anyone who’s ever had an argument with one knows how hard they try to convert people to their point of view. Sagittarius is genuinely open-minded, and also has a very strong sense of justice. Fights could erupt when Aquarius thinks Sadge is being too simple-minded, or when Sagittarius is convinced Aquarius is being inflexible or unfair. At the very least, these two will have many stimulating discussions, and perhaps (if they can stop talking) they’ll leave enough time for some sensual satisfaction in the bedroom.


These two are both interested in their roles in the outside world, but the differences between them could lead to some difficulties. Capricorn is very focused on reputation and on being perceived as successful and prosperous. Aquarius has a much more egalitarian approach. Success to Aquarians is all about disseminating their ideas- and whether or not they get a lot of money for that is secondary. It’s easy to see why the fights that take place here have to do with the couple’s differences in the way that they see and use money. This relationship can be good as long as the people involved are willing to acknowledge their individual quirks. Both will have to strive to be able to understand one another’s motivations, but once they do they can enjoy a healthy sex life based on a mutually respectful and equal partnership.


This can be a good match because these two will see things in exactly the same way. Unlike most other signs, the fact that they will compete won’t play much into their relationship dynamics. Because Aquarius is motivated by what’s good for the rest of the world, these two are likely to combine their efforts and work together for the good of the community. When they do fight, it might be over whose interests are worthier, or who needs to use a valued possession more urgently. Despite their egalitarian attitudes, Aquarians are not really very good at sharing. However, once they are in bed, they’re easy to please – so these two will really appreciate each other. Most important of all, they can remain friends and lovers for a very long time.


This is a delicate relationship, so both partners must handle it with care. If Aquarius is particularly taken by Pisces, it would be easy for Aquarius to get lost in Pisces’ tendency to find people, animals and causes that need nurturing and make them into a personal crusade. Pisces, meanwhile, might find that Aquarius is not particularly tolerant of sensitivity and irrationality. Of course, these two have much to learn from each other, and if they can be open to discovering their distinct personality traits, they can both grow through the relationship. Sexually, Aquarius will adore Pisces’ gentle touch and deep devotion, and Pisces will delight in the way Aquarius shows appreciation.


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