59 Things Not To Do on a First Dinner Date For Him

We have all been there. You are going for dinner as a first date and your date is sniffling his nose a few times too many or licking his fingers while eating. Although for some this is not a problem, it is for many. On a recent survey females were being asked what they absolutely did not like while being on a dinner date and these 59 things made it to the list. Do you recognize a few items on the list yourself? What is it you absolutely dislike on a first dinner date?

  1. Smacking your lips
  2. Unpleasant eating habits
  3. Sniffle your nose
  4. Calling for the waiter in an obnoxious way (using your fingers or whistle)
  5. Only talk about yourself and dont ask any questions about you
  6. Looking at your phone a bit too much
  7. Showing off that you have a lot of money
  8. Having dinner at a place you would normally not go but just doing it to do a favor for her
  9. Deciding who is going to pay the bill at the very last moment (the moment it becomes uncomfortable
  10. Eating to fast or eating to slow
  11. Licking your fingers or burping
  12. Having a dirty nose
  13. tallking with your mouth full of food
  14. Talking about your ex
  15. Not ordering dessert (every women likes dessert)
  16. Flirting with other women
  17. Talking about how succesful you are and how much money you have
  18. Not tipping or tipping too much
  19. Not having to many drinks to save costs
  20. Deciding for her what to order
  21. Becoming angry when she wants to taste a piece from your plate
  22. Beware of mouth hygiene, DONT SMELL
  23. Dont smell in general. Be clean and try to smell nice
  24. Showing off that you know a lot about whine (just drink it)
  25. Not making enough eye contact or looking “behind” her like if someone more prettier is standing behind her
  26. taking your pet with you
  27. Wearing White socks….no go
  28. Being to casual, do a bit of effort to look good.
  29. not making any compliments
  30. gulping your drink
  31. Dirty finger nails
  32. Too much nose hair
  33. Talking too much about former relationships and why they did not work
  34. Dont become drunk  alone….together is fine

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